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ORDINANCE NO. 370. <br />IN ORDINANCE OF THE CITYI <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH AXEND- <br />ING SECTION 2 OF ORDINANCE <br />NO. 216 OF SAID CITY OF NEW- <br />PONT REACH. <br />Sccl on No. ^- of Ordinance No. <br />216 of the City of Newport Beach, <br />�W�i�yyhere _by amended to read as fol -� <br />NIFTY. R <br />Section No. S. There Is hereby! <br />established as a - camping place and <br />which shall be known and desig- <br />nated as —City Camping Grounds —: <br />all that part or territory of and <br />In the City of Newport Beach, des- <br />cribed as: <br />Beginning at the intersection <br />of the westerly line of Fifteen- <br />th Street and the northerly <br />Rne of the first alley norther- <br />ly oP Central Avenue; thence <br />northerly along the westerly <br />_ line of Fifteenth Street and <br />along Cho. northerly proioitga- <br />tion of the westerly line of <br />said Fifteenth Street to its in- <br />tersection with the bulkhead <br />line between U. S. Bulkhead <br />Stations No. 118 and 119, as <br />said bulkhead line is laid out <br />and shown upon a \tap of <br />Newport Bay, shoaling harbor <br />lines, approved by the War Be- 1 <br />partment Jammry 18, 1917; <br />thence ive§'terly along the <br />i <br />aforesaid bulkhead line and <br />along the westerly prolonga- <br />tion of said bulkhead line to its <br />intersection with the northerly <br />prolongation of the, easterly <br />line of Nineteenth Street.; <br />thence Southerly along the <br />northerly prolongation of the <br />easterly line of said Nineteenth <br />Street and along the easterly <br />line of said Nineteenth Street <br />to the northwesterly comer of <br />Lot 5, Block 218 of a Map of <br />Section B— Newport Beach, as <br />recorded in Miscellaneous <br />Maps, Book 4, page 27, Records <br />of Orange County, California; <br />thence Easterly along the <br />northerly line of said Lot 5 to <br />the northeasterly corner there- <br />of; thence southerly in a di- <br />rect line to the northwesterly <br />corner of Lot 6 of the last <br />mentioned Block 218; thence <br />easterly in a direct line to the <br />northeasterly corner of the <br />last mentioned Lot 6; thence <br />Southerly In a direct line to <br />the southeasterly corner of the <br />last mentioned Lot 6; thence <br />easterly In a direct line to the <br />northeasterly corner of Lot 18 <br />of the last mentioned . Block <br />218; thence southerly along <br />the easterly line of the last <br />mentioned Lot 1S to the south- <br />easterly comer thereof; thence <br />easterly along the northerly <br />line of the first alley northerly <br />of Central Avenue to the place <br />of beginning. <br />It shall be lawful, notwitbstand- <br />ing the provisions of this Ordin- <br />ance, for all persons, upon payment <br />of the charges imposed for the use <br />of water and sanitation and subject <br />to the regulations from time to <br />time promulgated by the Board of <br />Trustees of the City of Newport' <br />Beach, to camp within City Camp -, <br />ing Grounds, and the above des- <br />cribed district is meant wherever <br />the words "City Camping Grounds" <br />!are used in this ordinance. <br />Every person who erects or <br />maintains any camp or who occu- <br />pies the same at any place within <br />the City of Newport Beach outside <br />of the City Camping Grounds, del <br />guilty of a misdemeanor. <br />Provided, further, that it shall ) <br />not be a violation of this Ordin- <br />ance for any person to erect upon <br />that part of tine beach or shore of <br />the Pacific Ocean within the City of <br />Newport Beach which lies southerly <br />of the southerly line of Ocean Ave- <br />nue and Surf Avenue, public streets <br />of said city, umbrellas, if the same <br />shall not have side walls attached <br />thereto, and shall at all times while <br />the same are erected, be fully ex- <br />posed from all sides to the publi <br />view. <br />This ordinance shall be publish- 1 <br />ed once in NEWPORT NEWS, a <br />newspaper of general circulation, <br />printed, published and circulated <br />In the City of Newport Beach, and <br />shall take effect and be in force <br />thirty days after its passage. <br />