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ORDNANCE NO. 87& <br />AN ORDINANCE ADDING NEW <br />SECTIONS TO ORDINANCE NO. <br />148 OF TILE CITY OF NE1Y- <br />PORT BEACH, <br />The City Council of the City of <br />Newport Beach do ordain as fol- <br />lows: <br />SECTION 1. <br />New sections are hereby added <br />to Oidlnance No, 148 to be number- <br />ed 15 to 17 Inclusive. <br />SECTION 15. <br />A system by which all houses <br />and other buildings on Newport <br />Heights, in the City of Newport <br />Beach, shall be designated by <br />numbers, is hereby established and <br />the designation of any house or <br />other building on said Newport <br />Heights by number, other than as <br />hereinafter provided for, is de- <br />clared to be unlawful and pro- <br />hibited. <br />SECTION 16. <br />On all streets which extend <br />north or In a northerly direction <br />from the northeasterly line of <br />Ocean Drive, as laid out and shown <br />upon a map of Tract No. 919 of <br />Newport Heights, as recorded In <br />Book 29, page 32 of Miscellaneous <br />Maps, records of Orange County, <br />California, the numbering shall <br />commence with the number 301 at <br />the first lot northeasterly of the <br />northeasterly line of said Ocean <br />Drive, and the eves numbers shall <br />be on the easterly side and the odd <br />numbers shall be on the westerly <br />side of said streets. <br />On all streets which extend east <br />or in an easterly direction from the <br />southeasterly line of Westminster <br />Avenue, as laid out and -shown <br />upon a map of the First Addition <br />to Newport Heights, and recorded <br />in Book 4, page 94, of Miscellane- <br />ous Maps, records of Orange Coun. <br />ty, California. <br />The numbering shall commence <br />with the number 401 on the first <br />lot southeasterly of the southeast- <br />erly line of said Westminster Ave- <br />nue, and the even numbers shall <br />be on the Northerly side and the <br />odd numbers shall be on the South- <br />erly side of said streets. <br />SECTION 17. <br />There shall be and is hereby <br />assigned to each block of lots 100 <br />numbers. Each lot fronting upon <br />any street in the City of Newport <br />Beach and which lot has a width <br />of frontage thirty feet or less shall <br />be designated by and is assigned <br />one number. All lots fronting upon <br />any street, which lot has a Width <br />of frontage of more than thirty <br />feet shall be designated by and is <br />assigned one number for each <br />thirty feet of frontage or fraction) <br />thereof. i <br />SECTION 2. <br />The above and foregoing Ordln -1 <br />ance No. 373 shall be published <br />once in the Newport News, a news- <br />paper of general circulation, print- <br />ed, published and circulated in the <br />City of Newport Beach, and shall) <br />take effect and be in force thirty <br />days after its passage. <br />The above and foregoing Ore] <br />ance was passed by the City Coun <br />