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- - - - -- - - <br />ORBINANCE NO. 976 <br />as follows: - - - - - <br />"Section <br />manner,, reckoning from_ the -time <br />_ <br />49. In all chase where <br />when said real estate would havf <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY <br />real estate has been sold, or here <br />been sold for taxes of that year, <br />OF NEWPORT REACH AMEND• <br />after may be sold to the City Of <br />If there had been no previous dads <br />ING SECTIONS Nog. 31, 38 AND <br />Newport Beach, In the manner pro- i <br />thereof. On application of any per - <br />49 OF ORDINANCE NO. 16 OF <br />vided for by Section 31 of Ordin- <br />ance No. 15 of the City of Newport <br />Lson desiring to redeem such real <br />THE CITY OF NEWPORT <br />estate, the City Clerk shall make <br />BEACH, � <br />Beach for delinquent taxes, an <br />, d <br />an estimate of the amount to pe <br />the said City has not received a <br />paid for such redemption, and <br />- The City Council of the City of <br />! deed therefor as provided for by <br />shall give to such person dupli- <br />Newport Beach do ordain as fol- <br />Section 36 of Ordinance No. 15 of <br />cate certificates of said amount, <br />lows, to -wit: <br />the City of Newport Beach, slid five <br />specifying the several items there. <br />Section 1. Section 34 of Ordin- <br />Years shall not have elapsed since <br />of; which certificate shall be de. <br />ance No. 15 of the City of Newport <br />the first sale thereof to the City .livered <br />to the City Treasurer, to. <br />Beach is hereby amended to read <br />as provided by Section 31 of Or- <br />gether with the amount of 'money <br />sa follows: - <br />i dinance No. 15 of said city, the <br />necessary to be Paid for such re- <br />"Section 34. A redemption of <br />j Person whose Property has been <br />_demption; whereupon the City <br />property sold may be made by the <br />sold, or hereafter may be sold, his <br />Treasurer shall give duplicate re• <br />'owner thereof, or by any party In <br />or her heirs, executors, adminis- <br />ceipts for the same, written or en- <br />interest within five (5) years from <br />trators, successors or assigns in <br />dorsed upon said certificates, to <br />the date of the sale of the same <br />interest, at any time within five I <br />the redemptloner, who shall de+ <br />to the City as provided for by <br />years after said sale to said city <br />liver one of said receipts to the <br />Section 31 of Ordinance No. 15 of <br />i of Newport Beach as provided fo;r <br />by <br />City Clerk taking his receipt there. <br />the City b[ Newport Bosch, or at <br />. Section 31 of Ordinance No. 15 <br />� <br />for. The City Treasurer shall set. <br />any time prior to the time said <br />i of said city, and prior to the - actual <br />tle for the moneys so received as <br />city shalt obtain a deed to said <br />deeding thereof to the City o£ <br />� <br />for other city <br />Y moneys. Upon th® <br />property as provided by Section <br />Newport Beach, shall have the <br />payment of the amount of money <br />36 o[ said Ordinance No. 15 of said <br />right to redeem said real estate, j 1 <br />specified in such certificate, and <br />City of Newport Beach, which said <br />by Paying to the City Treasurer <br />the giving of the receipts afore. <br />redemption shall be made upon the <br />the amount of the taxes, penalties <br />said by the City Treasurer and <br />&rma' pr&i hled'or 'thab'tnay -here -' <br />and costs dust thereon, at the time <br />Clerk, any deed or certificate of <br />Iafter be`prdvided'for the redemp= <br />of said sale, with interest on the <br />sale that may have been made is <br />tion of property sold - for state <br />aggregate amount of said taxes, at <br />the City shall become and be nult <br />taxes." - <br />the rate of seven per cent per an- <br />and void, and all right, title and <br />Section 2. Section 38 of Ordin- <br />num, together with all taxes that <br />interest in or to such real . estate <br />ance No. 15 of the City of Newport <br />were a lien upon said real estate i <br />acquired by said City under and <br />Beach is hereby amended to read <br />at the time said taxes became de- I <br />by virtue of such tax sale, shall <br />as follows:, <br />linquent, and all unpaid taxes of <br />cease and determine. The receipts <br />"Section 38. Such deed, duly ac -' <br />every description assessed against <br />of the City Treasurer and City <br />knowledged or proved, shall be, <br />such property for each year since <br />Clerk may be recorded In the of- <br />and Is hereby made, (except as <br />said sale, or, if not so assessed. <br />flee of the County Recorder of <br />against actual fraud) conclusive, <br />then upon the value of the prop- <br />Orange .County, in the Book of <br />evidence of the regularity of all <br />erty as assessed in the year noar- <br />Deeds, and the record thereof shall <br />other proceedings, from the assess- <br />est the time of such redemption, <br />have the same effect as that of a <br />ment by the Assessor of the prop- <br />with interest from the first day <br />deed of re- conveyance of the intor- <br />ierty conveyed thereby, to the exe- <br />of July following each of said <br />est conveyed by such deed or cer- <br />cution of the deed conveying the <br />years, respectively, at the same <br />tificate of sale - <br />t same, inclusive. Such deed shall <br />rate, to the time of such redemp- <br />Section 4. . The Clerk shall <br />convey to the City the absolute <br />tion; and together with all costa (cause <br />this Ordinance to be pub - <br />title to the property described <br />and expenses of such redemption, <br />lished cnce in NEWPORT NEWS, <br />therein, free from all incumbrance, <br />and penalties, as follows, to -wit: <br />a newspaper of general circulation, <br />except when the land is owned by <br />Ten per cent if redeemed, within I <br />Printed, Published and circulated <br />the United . States or the State of <br />one year therefrom; thirty per <br />in the City of Newport Beach, and <br />California, and all deeds made upon <br />cent, it redeemed within two years <br />shall take effect and be in force <br />any: sale of property for taxes or <br />therefrom; forty per cent if re- <br />thirty days after its passage, <br />special assessments shall have the <br />deemed within three years there- <br />The above and foregoing ordin- <br />same force and effect in evidence <br />from; forty -five per cent if e"e- <br />ance Passed by the City Council <br />i as is or may hereafter be Provided <br />deemed within [our years there j <br />of the City Of Newport Beach at <br />iby law for deeds for property sold <br />from and fifty per cent if redeem- <br />an adjourned regular meeting <br />for non - payment of state taxes." - <br />oil within five or any greateruum_ <br />thereof held on the 13th day of: <br />Section 3. Section 49 of Ordin- <br />her of years therefrom.. The pap+ 1 <br />January, 1930, by the follows, <br />ance No. 15 of the City of Newport <br />alty ;shall be computed upon this <br />Beach is hereby amended,to read <br />amount of each year's taxes in Ills) <br />- <br />