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r, Conference ", be and the same is i office of the City Clerk of the CIt�' <br />ORDINANCE NO. 370 !hereby adopted as the building! of Newport Beach, being nlaral <br />code of the City of Newport Beacb,1 and designated as "Fire Zones of <br />ORDINANCE OF THE CITY for regulating the erection, con the City of Newport BeacV wht6 <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH, REGU. struction, enlargement, alteration, Is hereby adopted as the fire son. <br />LATING THE ERECTION, CON- repair, moving, removal, demo]- Ing map of the City of Newport <br />STRUCTION, - FNLARf:EMENT, ition, conversion, ocupancy, equip- Beach, for the application of the <br />ALTERATION, REPAIR, MOT- i,!ment, lisp., height, area and main- regulations Included in the "Ulf{' <br />"-G REMOVAL, IIEMOLITION,j�. tenance of all buildings and /or form Building Code, 1927 Edition, <br />COSVF.RSION, OCCU P A N C Y, II structures in the City of Newport published! December 1928, by Pa- <br />EQI'IP3fENT, I'SE, HEIGHT, Beach, providing -for Issuance of cific Coast Building Officials Con. <br />AREA AND 3tAI'NTENANCE OF permits and collection of fees ference." <br />ALL BUILDINGS AND/OR therefor; providing penalties for Section 4. The Clerk shall cause <br />STRUCTI RES 1N THE CITY OF the violation of such code; declar- this ordinance to be published once.. <br />NEWPORT BEACH; PROVID• Ing and establishing fire zones; In NEWPORT NEWS, a newspaper <br />ING FOR THE ISSiLCNCV OF and each and all of the regulations, of general circulation, printed, I <br />PERMITS AND CtILLEcTiwN, provisions, penalties, conditions published and circulated in the! <br />OF FEES THEiIEOF; PROTID- and terms of such "Irniform IAlild- City of Newport Beach, and shall <br />ING PENALTIES FOR TilE TIO- Ing Code, 19`;7 T7,dphn, published' take effect and be in force thirty � <br />LATION THEREOF; DIsCLAR- December, 1938, by Pacific Coast I days after its passage. <br />ING AND ESTABLISHING: FIRE Building OfCciats Conference," on The above and foregoing ordtn- <br />ZONES; REPEALING ORDIN file in the office of the City Clerk, ance passed by the 'City Council <br />f ANCE NO. ISd OF THE CITY are hereby referred to, adopted and of the City of Newport Beach at <br />r OF NEWPORT BEAC% AND made a part hereof, as if fully an adjourned regular meeting <br />set out in this Ordinance. i thereof held on the 13th day of <br />,I ALL OTHER ORDINANCES AN'D Section 2. That all other Or -' January, 1980, by the following <br />PARTS - OF ORDINANCES IN dinances or parts of Ordinances in vote, to-wit: <br />CONFLICT THEREITITII• conflict herewith are hereby re- AYES, COUNCILMEN: - Hllmor <br />The City Council of the City of pealed. Claire, Ellsworth, Williamson and <br />Y Y Section 3. That, the entire ins Johnson.- - <br />Newport Beach do ordain as fol- corporat�d area of the City of New- NOES, COUNCILMEN: None. <br />lows: port Beach is hereby declared to ABSENT, COUNCILMEN: Nona. ! <br />Section 1. That a certain docu- be and is hereby established as a The above and foregoing ordta= <br />went, three (3) copies of which are Fire district and said fire district'' ance is signed and approved . by me <br />on file 112 the office of the City shall be known and designated es this 13th day of January, 1930. <br />Clerk of the City of Newport Fire Zones 1, 21 3, and 4, and each 1 MARCUS J. JOHNSON,. - <br />Beach, being marked and desfgnat such zone shall include such ter -! Mayor, City of Newport Beach. <br />ed a "Uniform Building Code, 1927 ritory or portions of said city ae Attest: ALFRED I9MI <br />Edition, published December, 1928,'- .111ustrated, outlined and designat- Clerk of the City of Newport B <br />by PaciYte' Officia l"j on a certain map on file W_ tbe.. -Pub. Jan.. 18, 1930. <br />I, Alfred Smith, Clerk of the City of Newport Beach do heret <br />certify that the foregoing Ordinance No. 376 is a true and correct cop <br />of an Ordinance passed by the City Council at a regular adjourned <br />meeting held on the 13th day of January, 1930, and that same was <br />printed and published according to law. <br />City gerk of Newport Beach <br />