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ORDINANCE NO. 817 California, entitled, "An -A—et Re -I, 6ma —lJity -- - -- - -- <br />quiring the Recording of Maps of (a) .In the •event that the subdi,� <br />AN: ORDINANCE OF THE CITY <br />Subdivisions of land in certain) vision, or any part thereof, is sub-! <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH ADOPT -1 gates: prescribing the conditions a. special assessment which' <br />ING SUBDIVISION REGFULA- on which such maps may be re -,; paid in full, the subdivider <br />TJONS RELATIVE TO THE RE- corded, etc. ", approved June 17,E is authorized, in lieu of paying the <br />.CORDING OF MAPS OF SUB- 1929, Statute, of 1929, Chapter 537, saxue. in full, to file a bond with <br />DIVISIONS OF.LAND, IN ADDI- Page 1790, the following subdivi -- the ;Board of Supervisors of the <br />TION TO THOSE P$OVIDED� sion regulations are hereby adopt- Cognty.of Orange, in an amount <br />BY THE STATE LAW. ed, and the same must be complied not .)ess -than the unpaid balance of <br />with . before any subdivision may 'the principal of said special <br />The City Council of the City of be approved by the said City Coun- assessment, payable to the County <br />NevAport Beach do ordain as fol -. cil;�Ctty Planning Oommission, or- of,01'ange as Trustee for the <br />lows: j any officer of said City authorized I assessment bondholders for the <br />Section 1. That in accordance) or ;required to pass upon any ten- payment of such special assess -, <br />with .he :provisions of t of i tative. or final map of a subdivision' manta. j <br />'the Legislature of the A of, coming under the jurisdiction of Section 2. That all ordinances' <br />