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v - <br />ORDINANCE NO. 978. <br />sance be abated by recon- <br />lass as they may deem advisabl <br />structing or Properly repairing <br />The council may continue sa <br />DECLARING ALL OLD BUILD. <br />said building or structure, or <br />hearing from time to time. - <br />I N G S OR 8 T R UCTURES, <br />by razing or .. removing:.. the <br />Section 9. It the owner falls to <br />WHICH A RE DILAPIDATED <br />same. <br />appear at the time fixed for said <br />BEYOND REPAIR, TO BE PUB- <br />...................... .... ..... ............ <br />hearing, or the time to which said <br />LIC NUISANCES, AND PBOYID, <br />Building Inspector. <br />hearing may have been continued, <br />- ING FOR THE ABATEMENT OF <br />Dated, Newport Bosch <br />the council shall proceed to .hear <br />SUCH NUISANCES. <br />............ ...............1 19..... ,,, <br />the testimony of the Building In- <br />The - Building Inspector shaill <br />specter and other competent per- <br />BE IT ORDAINED by the Coun- <br />post conspicuously at least one <br />sons respecting the condition of <br />ell of the City of Newport Beach <br />copy of said notice on the build- I.said <br />building or structure, after, <br />as 'follows: <br />I ing or slr+ictIore sought to be so :. <br />which they map 10e a reAoli;;Coi .:f <br />Section 1. Every building or <br />conNmned. He shall also send as -[ <br />declaring said 130ding or strucz, <br />structure which has become so di— <br />other. copy - by registered ' mail <br />lure to be a public- nuisance ,and <br />lapidated from old age or neglect <br />(postage prepaid) addressed to thel <br />directing the owner to abate said) <br />as to be a fire menace, or a breed - <br />person who is named as the`owner.''nuisance <br />"thin thirty days Prom! <br />lug place for rodents, Or .a likely <br />an tho books of the- L`ity:ylesex9pii <br />:thR_ Passage. of said resolution, by <br />mid -bufl'$iitg or structure <br />resort for vagrant or dissolute <br />persdds, is hereby declared to be. <br />.in, ease, the ;addrem,of, Such.. person!:having, <br />Is known to him <br />properly reconstructed or rePalred... <br />a public nuisance. <br />mail such notice or the failure of <br />or by having the same razed or re -', <br />Section 2. Whenever the Build- <br />any owner to receive the same <br />moved, and notifying him that, )Jf! <br />said nuisance is not so abated, <br />ing Inspector shall find any build - <br />shall,not affect In anyr'.� manner thel <br />9a1d� <br />or structure will be rased] <br />ing or structure'so dilapidated as, <br />aforesaid, he shall give notice, In <br />validity of any proc3eding3Jakeh�'byilding <br />hereunder, providing aaid notice <br />� <br />or removed by the Building In -; <br />the manner hereinafter stated, dl- <br />has been. posted as her elubaf pre <br />specter and the expense thereof` <br />renting the owner thereof to ap- <br />mentioned, Said antics mast bey <br />made a lien on the lot or parcels <br />Dear before the City Council at a <br />I posted as aforesaid at ]east ten <br />' <br />of land from which It was re -' <br />stated time and show cause why <br />days before the time fixed for the <br />moved. <br />such building or structure should <br />hearing before the City Council. <br />Upon the passage of said resolu- <br />not be condemned as a public nui- <br />Upon giving notice as stated ', <br />tton the Building Inspector shall <br />'Ni ace and said nuisance be abated <br />the Building Inspector shall file <br />post a`eopy thereof'ehnsplcuodsly <br />ag_ herein provided. Said notice <br />an affidavit with the, City .CIgPk <br />an the building br�ptr"ebre so cop -, <br />sljall- be headed "NOTICE TO <br />ABATE •.NUISANCE" in letters <br />certifying to the time and manner <br />in the done, ?vie <br />_dem m <br />ued, and ail ther copy tot <br />the Person named as 'the owner oa:l <br />of <br />less than three <br />which same wan - <br />shall file therewith <br />the hdogsof the, i;`Ity�ltsseseoq.if� <br />not quarters of an <br />height, <br />also nay receipt <br />Ills address is known to him, after:, <br />luglx In and shall be sub- <br />card which may have been mailed <br />stantially in the following form: <br />back to him in acknowledgment of <br />'which he shall file, ,iii@ aYfldav)k' <br />NOTICE TO ABATE NUISANCE <br />the receipt of such notice by regis- <br />with the City Clerk Q, rtifying to <br />The owner of the dilapidated <br />tered mail, providing- he mailed <br />;the lime and manner of posting, a' <br />',•building or, structure. situated <br />said notice in addition to Bolting <br />eaPy_, aid resolution had also as <br />.... . ........................ In <br />the same. <br />to the.mafling of a'. eoPy in case -a. <br />"tYie City of Newport Beach, is <br />Section 3. At the time -fixed in <br />copy was mailed. <br />hereby notified to appear be- <br />said notice, the counell.ahal4 pro. <br />. Section ii. Any owner or other! <br />-fore the city council at its <br />need to hear the testimony of the <br />interested person having any ob -! <br />meeting to be held ................ .... <br />Building Inspector and the test. -, <br />jections, or feeling aggrieved at <br />19.., -. at the Council Chambers <br />many of the owner and other coin -) <br />any proceeding taken by the City <br />in the City Hall in aaid City <br />petent persona, respecting the con-1 <br />in condemning any such <br />of Newport Beaeh, at the hour <br />dition of the building or structure <br />building or structure, must brings <br />of 7:3a o'clock P. M. or as soon <br />sought to be condemned, and the <br />an action In a court of competent <br />thereafter as he may be heard„ <br />estimated coat of Its reeonstrur. -I <br />jurisdiction within thirty days <br />•and show cause, if any be has, <br />tion, repairer removal, after which, <br />after passage of said resolution to� <br />said building or structure <br />the council may condemn the same) <br />contest the validity of the pro <br />-why <br />should not be eondenmed as a <br />and order its rasing or removni, or <br />eeedings taken by the cc <br />public nuisance and said nut- <br />take such other action In the prem- <br />otherwise all 'objections will <br />