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,. ORDINANCE NO. 881 <br />out,and shovin upon a map of- <br />the public peace, health and safety, <br />— <br />the Newport Bay Tract, re- <br />and the facts constituting said <br />AN ORDINANCE AMENDING <br />corded in Book 4, page 16 of <br />emergency, are the following, to- <br />SECTION 3 OF ORDINANCE <br />Miscellaneous Maps, Records <br />wit: <br />NO. 367 OF THE CPCY OF <br />of said County and State, to its <br />That at the time of the passage <br />NEWPORT. BEACH. <br />intersection with the southerly <br />of Ordinance No: 367 of the City of <br />prolongation of the center line <br />Newport Beach, the City- Council <br />The City Council of the City of <br />of Alvarado Street; thence <br />of the City of Newport Beach <br />Newport Beach do ordain as fol- <br />northerly along said southerly <br />!deemed it advisable that business <br />lows, to-wit: <br />prolongation and along the <br />should be restricted to certain <br />SECTION 1. <br />center line of Alvarado Street, <br />zones within said city; that since <br />Section 3, of Ordinance No. 367 <br />and along its northerly pro- <br />the passage of such ordinance, <br />of the City of Newport Beach, bs- <br />longation of its intersection <br />conditions have arisen which in <br />ingan ordinance of the City oL <br />with the United States Bulk- <br />the opinion of said City Council <br />Newport Beach re tricting busi- <br />head Line, between Sta. 113 <br />make it imperative that said busi- <br />uses, commerce, industry and <br />and Sta. 114, as shown upon <br />ness zones be enlarged: that many <br />trades to certain zones within & <br />a Map of Newport Bay, show - <br />improvements are contemplated <br />described portion of said city, and <br />ing Harbor lines, approved by <br />for the immediate future In said <br />prescribing the penalty for the <br />the Secretary of War on Janu- <br />enlarged business district, and a <br />violation of the provisions thereof, <br />ary 18, 1917, and on file in <br />delay would cause said improve-' <br />is hereby amended to read as fol. <br />the office of the District En- <br />ments to be abandoned and there -, <br />lows: <br />gineer, Los Angeles, Califor- <br />I by great and Irreparable lutes <br />"It shall not be unlawful to en- <br />nia; thence Easterly and <br />; would be suffered by the citizens <br />gage in any business, trade, call- <br />Southerly along said United <br />of said City of Newport Beach and, <br />ing, industry or commerce above <br />States Bulkhead Line to a <br />the City of Newport Beach gen- <br />mentioned in Section 2, nor shall <br />point between Station 112 and <br />erally. <br />It be unlawful to use buildings for <br />- Station 111, said point being <br />SECTION 3. <br />the purpose of engaging in the <br />the point o f intersection <br />This ordinance shall be publish - <br />prohtbtetd trades, callings, Indus -1 <br />with the northerly pro- <br />ed once In NEWPORT NEWS, a <br />tries and commerce heretofore i <br />longation of the said center <br />newspaper of general circulation, <br />mentioned in Section 2, within; <br />line of "C" Street; thence . <br />printed, published and circulated <br />those certain districts lying with - <br />southerly along said northerly <br />in the City of Newport Beach, and <br />in the district above described and <br />prolongation and along -. sad <br />. shall take effect and be in full) <br />%note particularly described as Pot- <br />- center line of "C" &rest to <br />force immediately upon its first <br />lows, to-wit: <br />the point of beginning. <br />publication, <br />All that certain real property. <br />Parcel IL <br />The City Council of the City 'of <br />situate in the City of Newoor6; <br />"of <br />All of Block three (3) of <br />Newport Beach consists of five, <br />Beach, County of Orange, State <br />East Newport as shows upon <br />members, and the above and fore -1 <br />California, and mole particular)30 <br />a map recorded in Miscellane- <br />going Ordinance, was passed by the <br />described as follows, to-wit: <br />ous Maps. Book 3, page 37, <br />City Council of the City of Newport <br />Parcel L <br />records of Orange County, <br />Beach at an� adjourned regular <br />Beginning at a point, said <br />California. <br />meeting thereof held on the 12th <br />point being the point of in- <br />Parcel Ill. <br />day of May, 1980, by at least a <br />tersectlon of the center lines <br />All that Certain tract of land <br />tour - fifths vote of all of Its memo <br />Of "C" Street and Surf Avenue,: <br />lying between the center line <br />bers, and approved by the Mayor <br />as laid out and shown upon a <br />and the southerly prolongation <br />of said City Council on the 12th <br />. map of the East Side Addition; <br />of the center line of the first <br />day of May, 1930, and the same was <br />recorded in Book 4, page 20 of <br />street westerly of Fifteenth <br />passed by the following vote, to-, <br />Miscellaneous Maps, Records <br />Street and the center line and <br />wit: <br />of Orange County, California; <br />the southerly prolongation of <br />. AYES; COUNCILMEN: Hilmer, <br />thence westerly along the said <br />the center line of the first <br />Claire; Ellaworth;' Oarfleld , ,and � <br />center line of Surf Avenue and <br />street easterly of Fifteenth <br />Johnson: i <br />along the center lino of Surf <br />Street, and between the center <br />NOES, COUNCILMEN: None: <br />Avenue, as laid out and shown <br />line of Central Avenue and the <br />ABSENT, COUNCILMEN: None. <br />upon a map of the Balboa <br />mean high tide line of the Pa- <br />(Seal) MARCUS J. JOHNSON; <br />Tract, recorded in Book 4, <br />ciYic Ocean. <br />Mayor, City of Newport Beach. <br />. <br />page 11 of Miscellaneous Maps, <br />SECTION 2. <br />.Attest: ALFRED SMITH, <br />Records of said County and <br />This ordinance is an emergency <br />City Clerk of the City of <br />State, and along the center ! <br />measure, and is urgently required <br />Newport Beach. <br />line of Surf Avenue m laid i <br />for the immediate preservation of <br />Pub. —May 16, 1930. <br />I, Alfred Smith, Clerk of the City of Newport Beach do her <br />certify that the foregoing Ordinance No. 381 is a true and correct c <br />of an Ordinance passed by the City Council at a regular adjourned <br />meeting held on the 12th day of May, 1930, and that same was printed <br />and published according to law, l/1 <br />City Jerk of Newport Beach <br />