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` •^ - - <br />-- �- - <br />laid out and ehowD npoa- "l6W1tlornia, thence westerly <br />K ORDINANCE NO. 881. <br />map of the East Side Addition; <br />along the said center line of <br />recorded in Book 4, page 20 of �� <br />Surf Avenue and along the <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY <br />Miscellaneous Mape, Records <br />I center line of Surf Avenue as <br />NEWPORT <br />OF NEWPORT REAL$ ADD. <br />of Orange County, California: <br />laid out and shown upon a <br />II4p A NEW SECTION TO OR• <br />thence westerly along the said <br />map of the Newport Bay Tract, <br />DINANCE NO. $10 OF $AID <br />e <br />center line of Surf Avnue <br />recorded in Book 4, page 16, <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH TO <br />er <br />its Intersection with the center <br />Miscellaneous Maps, records <br />BE KNOWN AS SECTION NO. <br />line of "B" Street, as laid out <br />of said County and State to <br />134, AND AMENDING SECTION <br />and shown upon a map of the <br />its Intersection with the south - <br />NO. 2 O SAID ORDINANCE NO.�. <br />— <br />erly prolongation of the center <br />3106 <br />Balboa Tract as recorded in <br />Book 4, page 11, of Misce]]- line of Alvarado Street, thence <br />The City Council of the City f aneous Maps, Records of said northerly along said southerly <br />y prolongation and along the <br />Newport Beach do ordain as Yol -I County and State; thence said center line of Alvarado <br />lows: northerly along said center Street and along its northerly <br />SECTION 1. <br />There is hereby added to Ordin-y <br />ance No. 310 of the City of Newport i <br />Beach a new section to be known a <br />as Section No. 1%, which said <br />Section shall read as follows, to- <br />wit: <br />"The real property hereinafter <br />described is hereby taken away <br />from Fire District No. 2 as des - <br />cribed to Ordinance No. 310 of the <br />City of Newport Beach and the I. <br />name is hereby added to Fire Dis- <br />trict No. 5 of said City, as defined <br />1 — <br />and described in said Ordmancel <br />No. 310. <br />That the real property herein <br />mentioned as being excepted and <br />taken away from Fire District No. <br />2 and added to Fire District No. 5 <br />of the City of Newport Beach, and <br />as described in Ordinance No. 310 <br />of said city, is described as all that <br />certain real property situate in the <br />City of Newport Beach, County of <br />Orange, State of California, and <br />more particularly described as Yol -- <br />]aWE, to -wit: <br />PARCEL NO. 1 <br />Beginning at a point, said i <br />oint being the point of I ter - <br />ection of the center lines- oY <br />C" Street and Surf Avenue, as <br />line of "B" Street and its <br />northerly prolongation to its <br />intersection with the United <br />States Bulkhead Line between <br />Station 112 and Station 111, as <br />shown upon a map of Newport <br />Bay showdag Harbor lines, ap- <br />proved by the Secretary of <br />War January 18, 1917, and on <br />file in the office of the District <br />Engineer, Los Angeles, Cali- <br />fornia;. thence . Southeasterly <br />along saki United States Bulk- <br />head Line to a point between <br />Station 112 and Station 111 <br />said point being the point of <br />intersection with the north- <br />erly prolongation of the said <br />center line of "C" Street, <br />thence southerly along said <br />northerly prolongation and <br />along said center line of "C" <br />Street to the point of begin- <br />ning. <br />PARCEL NO. 2 <br />Beginning at a point, said <br />point being the point of in- <br />tersection of the center line of <br />Adams Street and Surf Ave- <br />nue, as laid out and shown <br />upon a map of the Balboa <br />Tract, as recorded in Book 4, <br />page 11 of Miscellaneous Maps. <br />Records of Orange County, <br />prolongation to its intersection <br />with the United States Bulk- <br />head line, between Station 113 <br />and Station 114, as shown upon <br />a map of Newlport Bay, show- <br />ing Harbor Lines, approved by <br />the Secretary of War Januar <br />18, 1917, and on file in the OR <br />Tice of the District Engineer, <br />Los Angeles, Californih; <br />thence easterly and southeast- <br />erly along said United States <br />Bulkhead line to a point be- <br />tween Station 113 and Sta- <br />tion 112, said point being the <br />point of intersection with the <br />northeasterly prolongation of <br />the said center line of Adams <br />Street, thence southwesterly <br />along said northerly prolonga- <br />tion and along said centerline <br />of Adams Street to the point of <br />beginning. <br />PARCEL NO. 3 <br />Being the whole of Block 3, <br />as laid out and Shown upon <br />the map of East Newport, as <br />recorded in Book 3, page 37 <br />of Miscellaneous Maps; Rec- <br />ords of Orange County, Cali- <br />fornia. <br />PARCEL N0. 4 <br />Beginning at a point, Said <br />point being the point of inter- <br />