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ORDINANCE NO. 385. - <br />SECTION 2. Appointment <br />vices in or about any house, struc- <br />Said City Electrician shall be <br />ture or building as well as in or <br />SAN ELECTRICAL CODE OF <br />appointed by the City Council and <br />about any school or other build - <br />THE CITY OF NEWPORT I <br />shall hold office during the pleas- <br />ings or structures owned or con - <br />BEACH PRESCRIBING THE i <br />ore of the City Council. The City <br />trolled by any school district, <br />DUTIES OF THE CITY ELEC- <br />Electrician shall also take and <br />school board of education or pub - <br />TRICIAN: PROVIDING FOR <br />subscribe an oath which together <br />lie or quasi- public or political cor- <br />THE ISSUANCE OF ELEC- I <br />with the certificate of his appoint- <br />poration or body. <br />TRICAL PERMITS AND IN- <br />meat shall be filed with the Cttyi <br />SECTION 4. Re- lnapectlom <br />SPECTION AND FIXING THE <br />Clerk. It shall be unlawful for the <br />I The City. Electrician may at any <br />FEES THEREFOR; REGU- <br />City Electrician to engage in the <br />time he shall deem it advisable, <br />LATING T H E INSTALLA- <br />business of installation and the <br />make a thorough re- tuspection of <br />TIONS, ARRANGEMENT, AL - <br />maintenance of electric wiring, <br />the installation in or on buildings <br />TERATION, REPAIR, MAIN- <br />electric devices and electrical ma - <br />and /or premises of all electric <br />TENANCE, AND OPERATION <br />terial either directly or indirectly <br />wiring, electric devices and else - <br />OF E L E C T R I C W IRING. <br />and he shall have no financial in- <br />trical material now installed or <br />ELECTRIC FIXTURES AND <br />terest in any concern engaged in <br />that may hereafter be installed, <br />OTHER ELECTRIC APPLI- <br />such business in the City of, <br />within the City of Newport <br />ANGES AND EQUIPMENT <br />Newport Beach at any time while <br />Beach, and when the installation <br />IN THE CITY OF NEWPORT <br />holding office of City Electrician. <br />of any such wiring devices and /or <br />BEACH; PROVIDING A PEN - <br />Any violations of the provisions <br />material is found to be in a <br />ALTY FOR THE VIOLATION <br />of this section of said City Elec - <br />dangerous or unsafe condition the <br />OF SAME AND REPEALING <br />trician shall be sufficient cause <br />person, firm, corporation or po- <br />ALL ORDINANCES OR PARTS i <br />for his removal from office, but <br />litical sub - division owning, using <br />OF ORDINANCES IN CON- <br />he may be removed atthe pleasure <br />for operating the same shall be� <br />FLICT WITH THIS CODE. <br />of the City Councli. The Cityf <br />notified in writing and shall make <br />Electrician shall appoint, by and <br />the necessary repairs or changes <br />SECTION 1. City Electrician <br />with the consent of the City Coun- <br />required to place such wiring, de- <br />- Qualifications. <br />cil, such assistant inspectors as <br />vices and material in a safe con - <br />The person chosen to fill the I <br />are deemed necessary. <br />dition and have such work com- l <br />office of City Electrician shall be <br />SECTION 3. Right of Access. <br />pleted within fifteen days or <br />competent and shall be well versed <br />Said City Electrician shall have <br />other reasonable period specified <br />in approved methods of electrical <br />the right during reasonable hours <br />by the City Electrician in said no- <br />construction for safety of life and <br />to enter any building in the dis- <br />tice and shall pay such fees as are <br />property, the statutes of the State i 'charge <br />of his official duties, or <br />required by this code. The City <br />of California relating to electrical <br />for the purpose of making any in- <br />Electrician is here empowered <br />work, the rules and regulations is- <br />a ction or test of the installation <br />Pe <br />to disconnect or order the iscon- <br />sued by the Department of Indus- I <br />of electrical wiring, electrical de- <br />tinuance Of electrical service to <br />trial Relations of the State of lvices <br />and /or electrical material <br />such wiring, devices and /or ma. <br />California under authority of the <br />contained therein. <br />terial so found to be . defectively <br />Statutes, the National Electrical <br />The requirements of this code <br />installed until the installation of <br />Code, other installation and safety <br />are hereby specifically declared <br />such wiring, devices and material <br />rules and standards approved by <br />to cover, govern and control the <br />has been made safe as directed by <br />the American Standards Associa- <br />Installation, alteration or repair of <br />the City Electrician and any per - <br />tion and rules of the Board of Fire <br />any electrical wiring, connections, <br />son, firm or corporation, or po- <br />Underwriters of the Pacific. <br />fixtures, sockets, appliances, ap- <br />litical sub - division ordered to dis- <br />paratus, machinery or other de- (continue <br />such electrical service, <br />