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ORDINANCE NO. 388 <br />ORDINANCE N0. 111 OF THE <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH IS <br />HEREIN AMENDED BY ADDING <br />TWO SECTIONS THERETO, TO <br />BE KN40WN AS SECTION In AND <br />SECTION lb. <br />The City Council of the City of <br />Newport Beach do ordain as fol- <br />lows: <br />Section 1. Ordinance No. 111 of <br />the City of Newport Beach is here- <br />by amended by adding a new sec- <br />tion thereto to be known as Sec- <br />tion 1 -a, and which shall read as <br />follows, to -wit: "It is hereby de. <br />Glared unlawful for any person, <br />firm or corporation, his, its or their <br />agents, servants, employees, les- <br />sees or sub - lesees to erect, con- <br />struct or maintain, or permit to be <br />erected, constructed or maintain- <br />ed in the City of Newport Beach, <br />Orange County, California, from] <br />and after the date that this or- <br />dinance shall go into full force <br />and effect, in any dance hall, thea- <br />ter or place of amusement, cloth, <br />paper or flamable material for <br />decoration, ceilings, partitionsf <br />curtains, draperies or for any <br />other purpose whatsoever. <br />Section 2. Ordinance No. 111 of <br />the City of Newport Beach is <br />affect the buildings mentioned`*', <br />Section 1 -a, now having the con- <br />struction prohibited by Section. <br />1 -a, after the time that this Or- <br />dinance shall go into full force <br />and effect, except that any <br />changes, alterations or substitu- <br />tions made in said building shall <br />comply with Section 1 hereof. <br />Section 3. The City Clerk of the <br />City of Newport Beach shall cause' <br />this ordinance to be published <br />once in NEWPORT NEWS, a <br />newspaper of general circulation, <br />printed, published and generally, <br />circulated in the City of New- <br />port Beach, and shall take effect <br />and be in force thirty days after <br />Its passage. <br />The above and foregoing or- <br />dinance was passed by the City <br />Council of the City of Newpom <br />Beach, at a regular meeting therer� <br />of held on the 18th day of August,y <br />1930, by the following vote, 'ta;- <br />wit: <br />AYES Councilmen: Hilmer, <br />Claire, Ellsworth; Garfield, John- <br />son. <br />NOES, Councilmen. None. <br />ABSENT, Councilmen: None. <br />The above and foregoing or. <br />dinance is signed' and approved <br />by me this 18th day of August, <br />1930. <br />further amended by adding a new MARCUS J. JOHNSON, <br />section thereto to be known as Mayor, City of Newport Beach. <br />Section 1 -b, which shall read as ATTEST: <br />follows: 'It is hereby declared ALFRED SMITH, <br />by the City Council of the City City Clerk of the City of Now - <br />of Newport Beach, that Section I port Beach. <br />1 -a shall not be construed to be I (SEAL) <br />retroactive, nor shall the same' Pub. Aug. 21, 1930. - <br />be retroactive, nor shall the same 1 <br />1, Alfred 8,uitli, Clerk of the City of Aew?ort Beach, do hereby certify <br />at the foregoing Ordinance Xo, 386 is a true and correct copy of an <br />dinance passed by the City Council at a regular adjourned meeting held on <br />e 18th day of August, 1--ZO, and that same was printed m d published <br />cording to law. <br />City C. erk of 111e'rt9ort BeaC <br />