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Y <br />- - - - - while rendering sun additional- - - - - <br />ORDINANCE NO. 688 services as aforemntioned, he City Clerk, City bf Newport B <br />shall be deemed to 'ie.mjured in I hereby certify that the fore - <br />Prescribing The Additional Duties the course of his employment and going Ordinance was introduced at <br />of Policemen and Memen shall be entitled to workmen's a regular meeting of , the City <br />compensation therefor, as provides Council of the City of Newport <br />The City Council of the City of ed by law. Beach, held on the tat day of Sep- <br />Newport Beach do ordain as fol- The above and foregoing Ordin-4 tember, 1930, and was duly pass - <br />lows: once shall be printed and publish - ed and adopted at a regular meet - <br />Section 1. In addition to the ed once in Newport Mews, a news- ing of said City Council held on <br />performance of their regular and paper of general ci- culation print- the 15th day of September, 1930, <br />ordinary duties, it shall be the ed, published and circulated in the by the following vote, to -wit: <br />duty of all policemen and firemen, City of Newport Beach, and shall Ayes, Councilmen: HILMER, <br />at all times, and under all eir- take effect and be in force thirty CLAIRE, ELLSWORTH, GAR - <br />cumstances, to go to the aid of all (30) days after its passage. FIELD, JOHNSON. <br />persons or animals in distress or Noes, Councilmen: NONE. <br />� P The foregoing ordinance is ap- <br />danger and render them such help; proved this 15th day of September, Absent, Councilmen: NONE. <br />and assistance as lies within their 1930. Attest: ALFRED SMITH, <br />power. MAROIIS J. JOHNSON, City Clerk of the City <br />Section 2. In case any police- Mayor, City of Newport Beach. of Newport Beach. <br />;ama or fireman should be injured Attest: ALFRED SMITH, Pub. —Sept. 18, 1930' <br />I, Alfred Smith, Clerk of the City of Newport Beach, do hereby <br />certify that the foregoing Ordinance Pdo. 388 is a true and correct <br />copy of an Ordinance gassed by the City Council at a regular adjourn <br />:meeting held on the lath day of September, 1930, and that same was <br />printed and published according to law. <br />City Jerk of Newport Beach <br />