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ORDINANCE NO. 440. <br />AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISH- <br />ING LAND CLASSIFICATIONS <br />AND DISTRICTS W I T H I N <br />THE INCORPORATED TERRI- <br />TORY OF THE CITY OF NEW- <br />PORT BEACH AND REGU- <br />LATING THE USES OF PROP- <br />ERTY THEREIN, ADOPTING <br />A MAP OF SAID DISTRICTS, <br />DEFINING THE TERMS USED <br />IN SAID ORDINANCE, PRO - <br />VIDING FOR THE ADJUST - <br />MENT,ENFORCEMENT AND <br />AMENDMENT THEREOF AND <br />PRESCRIBING PENALTIES <br />FOR ITS:VIOLATION. <br />The City Council of the City of <br />Newport Beach do ordain as fol- <br />lows: <br />.'SECTION 1: General Purpose and <br />Adoption of Official <br />Land Use Plan. <br />For the public health, safety and <br />general welfare and in order (1) to <br />secure for the citizens of the City <br />of Newport Beach the social and <br />economical advantages resulting <br />from an orderly, planned . use of <br />Its land resources, (2j to provide <br />a definite, official land-use plan . <br />for the City of Newport Beach and <br />(3) to guide, control and regulate <br />the future growth and develop - <br />went of said City in accordance <br />with said plan, there is hereby <br />adopted and established an official <br />Districting Plan for the City of <br />Newport Beach. Said plan is <br />.adopted pursuant to the authority <br />of Chapter 888, Statutes of 1929, <br />. State of California. <br />:SECTION 2: Definitions. <br />This ordinance, embodying and <br />making effective the band Use <br />Plan of the City of Newport Beach, <br />shall be known as "The Districting <br />Ordinance," and, for the purpose <br />of this ordinance, certain words <br />and terms are defined as follows: <br />Words used in the present tense <br />include the future, words in the <br />singular number include the plur- <br />al, and words in the plural num- <br />her include the singular; the word <br />"building" includes the word <br />"structure;" and the word "shall" <br />is mandatory and not directory. <br />The term "City Council" when <br />used shall mean the City Council <br />of the City of Newport Beach, and <br />"Planning Commission" shall mean <br />the City Planning Commission of <br />the City of Newport Beach. The <br />word "City" when used shall mean <br />the incorporated City of Newport <br />Beach. <br />"Accessory building ": A subor- <br />dinate building or portion of the <br />main building, the use of which is <br />incidental to that of the main <br />building on the same lot. <br />"Accessory use ": A use custom- <br />arily incidental and accessory to <br />the principal use of a lot or a <br />bullding . located upon the same lot. <br />