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• <br />• <br />• <br />ORDINANCE NO. 483 <br />AN ORDINANCE CREATING A <br />MAJOR DISASTER EMER- <br />GENCY COUNCIL AND PRE- <br />SCRIBING ITS POWERS AND <br />DUTIES. <br />The City of Newport Beach by <br />and through its City Council does <br />ordain as follows: <br />Section 1. For the purpose of <br />providing a co- crdinating organ- <br />ization and to be prepared to meet <br />the needs of the citizens of New- <br />port Beach, in the event some <br />major physical disaster or catas- <br />trophe overtakes us, this ordi- <br />nance is enacted. <br />Section 2. There is hereby cre- <br />ated a Major Disaster Emergency <br />Council which shall consist of the <br />Mayor of the City of Newport <br />Beach, a representative of the <br />Newport Beach Chamber of Com- <br />merce, a representative of the <br />Santa Ana Chapter, American Red <br />Cross and all the officers and <br />members of cacti of the following <br />enumerated units and t'leir sub- <br />committees, which shall perform <br />the duties and functions imposed <br />uocn them by the provisions of <br />Section 3 hereof, to -wit: <br />(a) Co- ordination and Intel': <br />gene; <br />(b) Transportation; <br />(c) Communication; <br />(d) Personnel— American Le- <br />gion; <br />(e) Law and Order; <br />(f) Fire; <br />(g) Water and Water Supply; <br />(h) Street Facilities; <br />(h) Medical Health and Sani- <br />tation; <br />(j) Necessities of Life; <br />(k) Shelter; <br />(1) Rescue; <br />(m) Rehabilitation; <br />(n) Finance; <br />Section 3. It shall be the duty <br />of said Emergency Council to <br />undertake to co- ordinate all re- <br />sources of the City of Newport <br />Beach and the various citizens of <br />said City, together with the re- <br />sources of various corporations, <br />business houses and associations <br />doing business in the City of New- <br />port Beach and by means of mu- <br />tual co- operating and effort create <br />a plan which would permit an ef- <br />fective and efficient method of <br />utilizing all available resources and <br />materials for relief of and the <br />general welfare of the people of <br />the City of Newnort Beach in the <br />event some major catastrophe, dis- <br />aster, calamity, or cataclysm over- <br />takes us and in formulating such <br />plan said Council shall act in <br />accordance with all laws to which <br />the City of Newport Beach is <br />subject and each and all members <br />of said Council shall diligently <br />undertake to acquaint himself with <br />and become familiar with the re- <br />sponsibilities imposed upon him <br />in the event of such emergency. <br />Section 4. TL•e Mayor of the <br />City of Newport Beach shall be <br />Chairman of said Emergency Coun- <br />cil and should he be absent from <br />the City of Newport Beach or dis- <br />qualified or unable to act for any <br />reason, the powers and duties im- <br />posed upon the Mayor by the pro - <br />vitsons hereof shall then be vested <br />in the Chairman of the Finance <br />Committee. The Mayor shall have <br />the power, in his discretion, to de- <br />clare when an emergency disaster <br />exists and it shall be the duty of <br />the City Council of the City of <br />Newport Beach to conform and <br />ratify the acts of the Mayor act- <br />ing in his capacity as Chairman <br />of the Emergency Council, during <br />the condition of emergency. <br />The Mayor shall have the power, <br />in the event of such emergency, to <br />obligate the City of Newport <br />Beach for the payment for any <br />and all supplies, equipment, ma- <br />terials, food or other necessities <br />of life that may be necessary for <br />the purpose of alleviating suffer- <br />ing to the citizens of this City and <br />for the purpose of protecting the <br />citizens from the hardships antici- <br />pated in case such condition arises. <br />Section 5. Those per6'ons acting <br />as Chairmen of the Units enumer- <br />ated in Section 2 hereof, after let- <br />ters (A) to (N) inclusive, the <br />Mayor, a representative of the <br />Chamber of Commerce, and a rep- <br />resentative of the American Red <br />Cross, shall be known as "Emer- <br />gency Disaster Executive Commit- <br />tee" and upon the declaration of <br />the Mayor that an emergency ex- <br />ists, he shall forthwith establish <br />communication between himself <br />and the Executive Committee of <br />said Council. The members of said <br />Executive Committee shall be in <br />charge of and direct the following <br />divisions or units of the plan con- <br />templated. <br />(A) INTELLIGENCE DIVI- <br />SION: The Intelligence Division <br />shall have charge of, and direct <br />1. The study of the organiza- <br />tion. <br />2. Cc- ordination of all divisions <br />and units or groups referred to in <br />this ordinance. - <br />3. From time to time to make <br />tests to determine the effective- <br />ness of the plan created. <br />4. To have charge of the pub- <br />licity and dissemination of infor- <br />mation to the public concerning <br />the proposed functions of said <br />Council, in the event of a major <br />disaster and during the time of <br />such disaster, L any may exist, to <br />gather such information as may <br />be noes, ary to permit the effec- <br />tive functioning of the plan con - <br />templated hereby. <br />5. The Chairman of the Intelli- <br />gence Division shall be known as <br />the Director of Coordination. It <br />shall be his duty to maintain a <br />permanent headquarters of this <br />Major Disaster Emergency Coun- <br />cil. In addition to Paragraphs 1, <br />2, 3 and 4 of Section 5 -A, he shall ,.' <br />keep in constant touch with the <br />members, keep reports up to date. <br />drill and instruct the various units, <br />keping them in touch with all the <br />activities of the Emergency Coun- <br />cil. <br />(B) TRANSPORTATION. The <br />Transportation Division shall direct <br />and have charge of the operation <br />of all facilities of transportation, <br />including railroads, street cars, <br />private automobiles, motor buses, <br />taxicabs, aeroplanes and pilots, <br />trucks and steamships. <br />(C) COMMUNICATION. The <br />Communication Division shall ar- <br />range for and direct the operation <br />of all systems of communication <br />which may be necessary or useful <br />to insure the efficient functioning <br />of the p'an contemplated hereby. <br />(D) PERSONNEL. American <br />Legion. The Personnel Division <br />shall have charge of and direct: <br />1. The mobilization and station- <br />ing of all groups of ex- service men. <br />2. Distribution of such person- <br />nel as may be available to other <br />divisions for assisting such other <br />divisions. <br />(E) LAW AND ORDER. Law <br />and Order Division shall be under <br />and subject to the control of the <br />Newport Beach Police Department <br />and shall have charge of and direct <br />the enforcement of law and order, <br />and shall assign the stations and <br />direct the duties of the following: <br />1. Department of Police, City <br />of Newport Beach. <br />2. Sheriff of Orange County. <br />3. Such members of the United <br />States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, <br />National Guard. Reserve Officers, <br />R. O. T. C. Lad others as may be <br />available. <br />4. The Chairman of the Law <br />and Order Division shall organize <br />for the assistance and cooperation <br />of the Police Department all out- <br />side groups as se: forth in para- <br />graph 3 of Section 5 -E. <br />(F) FIRE. The Fire Division <br />shall, be. under and subject to the <br />control of the Newport Beach <br />Fire .Department and said Depart- <br />ment shall have the authority to <br />do any and all acts vested in said <br />department and in addition there- <br />to, in case of necessity. <br />1. The use and control of all <br />explosives. <br />2. The demolition of buildings or <br />structures. <br />3. The use and control of all oils <br />and chemicals. <br />4. Outside Auxiliary fire fight- <br />ing equipment. <br />5. Dire9tion of Public Utilities, <br />'such as Gas, Electricity, Am- <br />monia, etc. ' <br />(G) WATER. The Water Divi- <br />sicn shpill have charge of and <br />direct the maintenance of water <br />supply, repairs to water system, <br />control of reservoirs, and shall <br />perform such duties as may be <br />necessary to insure adequate, un- <br />contaminated supply of water. <br />(H) STREETS. The Street <br />Division shall have charge of and <br />direct; cleaning of debris from the <br />streets and the keeping of such <br />streets open for the purpose of <br />permitting transportation there - <br />over; the maintenance of sewer <br />facilities. <br />(I) MEDICAL HEALTH AND <br />SANITATION. The Medical Health <br />and Sanitation Division shall be <br />tinder and subject to the control of <br />the Orange County Health De- <br />partment, and shall have charge <br />of and direct: <br />1. Hospitalization. <br />2. Vaccination. <br />3. Quarantine. <br />4. Food Inspection. <br />5. Sanitation. <br />G. All Physicians, surgeons and <br />nurses. <br />7. Medical and surgical sup- <br />plies. <br />3. The Chairman of the Medical <br />Health and Sanitation Division <br />shall organize for the assistance <br />and cooperation of the Health De- <br />partment, all outside physicians <br />and surgeons, nurses and hes <br />pitals. <br />(J) AMERICAN RED CROSS. <br />The American Red Cross shall have <br />charge of and direct all Americana <br />Red Cross activities as herein. <br />after set forth in Paragraph (K) <br />to (0) inclusive. <br />(K) NECESSITIES OF LIFE. <br />The Necessities of Life Division <br />shall have charge of and direct, <br />allocate and distribute all goods <br />and wares commonly known and <br />referred to as necessities of life, <br />including food supplies, clothing, <br />bedding, cooking equipment and <br />