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"Family"; One person living alone or two or more persons <br />living together. <br />"Garage, (private) ": An accessory building or an accessory por- <br />tion of the main building, designed or used only for the shelter <br />or storage of vehicles owned or operated by the occupants of the <br />main building. <br />"Home Occupation ": Any vocation, trade or profession car - <br />ried on within a, dwelling by the inhabitants thereof, where only <br />electric power, not in excess of an aggregate of one (1) horsepower, <br />• is used, no merchandise or other articles are displayed for ad- <br />vertising purposes and no assistants are employed except as per- <br />mitted in certain districts. <br />"Hotel"; Any building or portion thereof containing six (6) <br />or more guest rooms used or intended or designed to be used, let <br />or hired out to be occupied or which are occupied by six (6) or more <br />guests, whether the compensation for hire be paid directly or in- <br />directly in money, goods, wares, merchandise, labor or otherwise <br />and shall include hotels, lodging and rooming houses, dormitories, <br />turkish baths, bachelor hotels, studio hotels, public and private <br />clubs, and any such building of any nature whatsoever so oc- <br />cupied, designed or intended to be occupied except jails, hospitals, <br />asylums, sanitariums, orphanages, prisons, detention homes, and all <br />similar buildings where human beings are housed, and detained <br />under legal restraint. <br />"Kitchen ": Any room used or intended or designed to be used <br />for cooking and /or the preparation of food. <br />"Lot". <br />(1) A parcel of real property as shown as a delineated parcel <br />of land with a separate and distinct number of other ,designation <br />on a plat recorded in the office of the County Recorder of Orange <br />County; or <br />(2) A parcel of real property not so delineated and containing <br />less than 6,000 square feet and abutting at least one public street <br />or alley, and held under separate ownership from adjacent prop- <br />erty prior to the effective date of Ordinance No. 440 of the City of <br />Newport Beach; or <br />(3) A parcel of real property containing not less than 6,000 <br />square feet abutting at least one public street or alley, if the <br />same was a portion of a larger piece of real property held under <br />the same ownership prior to the said effective date of said Ordin- <br />ance No. 440; or <br />• (4) A lot as hereinabove described under (1) of this definition, <br />plus all or a portion of an adjacent lot as so defined under one <br />ownership; or <br />(5) Portions of such adjacent lots under one ownership con- <br />taining a total of not less than 6,000 square feet. <br />"Lot, (corner) ": A lot located at the junction of two or more <br />intersecting streets, with a boundary line .thereof bordering on <br />each of the two streets and having a width not greater than eighty <br />(80) feet. - <br />"Lot, (interior) ": A lot which is not a •corner lot is aninterior <br />lot. <br />"Lot, (through) ": A corner or inside lot, having frontage on <br />two parallel or approximately parallel streets, or two streets the <br />center lines of which if projected would not make an angle of more <br />than thirty (30) degrees. <br />"Key Lot": The first lot to the rear of a corner lot, the <br />front line of such key lot fronting upon the side street for such <br />corner lot. <br />"Lot Area ": For the purpose of this ordinance shall mean the <br />total horizontal area included within lot lines and shall include <br />one -half M) of the width of any alley, or portions thereof, abutting <br />any such lot line. <br />"Lot Depth ": The average horizontal distance from the front <br />lot line to the rear line measured in the mean direction of the <br />side lot lines <br />"Lot Width ": The average horizontal distance between the <br />side lot lines measured parallel to the front lot line. <br />"Lot Lines": The established division lines between parcels <br />of property, public or private. <br />"Lot Lines (front) ": The line separating the lot from the <br />street in the case of an inside lot, and the line separating the <br />narrowest street frontage of the lot from the street in the case <br />• of a corner lot, and in the case of through lots, the lines separating <br />the lot from the streets shall be considered as front lot lines. <br />"Lot Lines (rear) ": That lot boundary line which is opposite <br />and most distant from and not coterminous with the front lot line. <br />"Lot Lines (side) ": Any lot boundary line not a front lot line <br />or a rear lot line. <br />"Non- conforming Building, Improvements or Uses ": Building, <br />improvements or uses which lawfully existed on any lot or premises <br />prior to the effective date of any regulation, classification or re- <br />striction under this ordinance, or any amendment thereof, but which <br />at such effective date did not comply with the regulations of this <br />ordinance, and which thereafter uninterruptedly continue to exist <br />