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0 <br />ORDINANCE NO. 178 <br />aforesaid Map of the War Depart- The bulkh ead stations and line re- <br />_ <br />ment; h <br />thence, southeaster) <br />t y in a direct forted to being those laid out and <br />An Ordinance of the City of Newport .line <br />to U. 3_ Bulkhead Setation No shown upon a map of the War Depart - <br />108 as shown upon the aforesaid M' t, showing Harbor lines in New <br />Beach, by the Board of Trustees <br />aP.� men - <br />of the War Department; thence Sr ,uth� port Bay approved January 18th, <br />thereof, declaring its intention to <br />15 degrees East along he Bull $� :head 1917. <br />call an election in that portion of <br />line between U. S. Bulkhead 9 ,tations 4e saidbulkhead line to a line <br />From L. <br />the City of Newport Beach pro- <br />Nos. 108 and 107, and alit ing, thej 61 feet 6; !aches northerly thereof <br />posed to be formed into a municipal <br />southeasterly prolongation of said the wharf 5111•(1 be 16 feet in width, <br />improvement district, or as the same <br />bulkhead line to its inteTSe' ction with and from a line 61 feet 6 inches to <br />may be hereafter modified, for the <br />the southerly boundary Vine of the a line 100 feet not- therly of the said <br />purpose of submitting to the quali- i <br />City of Newport Beach; thence west- bulkhead shall be 10 <br />fied electors of said District the <br />line the wh '.rf <br />erly along the southerly, 'boundary line feet in width. The stYtuture of <br />proposition of authorizing the is- <br />super <br />of the city of Newpr,rt Beach to its wharf Pile <br />suance and sale of bonds of such <br />intersection w- -said shall support°; <br />with tl,ie southwesterly beats, firmly driven be n into th.r bed of <br />district in the manner and for the <br />) <br />prolongation of th�c center line of 10th) the an Bay A 5 feet iti width; <br />y <br />purposes set forth in this Ordinance. <br />g � <br />Street, thence urartheasaerly along and feet in length shall be ^On- <br />'the <br />southwesterly prolongation of the structed, one end of which is hinged <br />ti hereon, on the 7th day of March, <br />Whereas, <br />center line of If &h Street and along <br />1921, there was filed in the office of <br />to the northerly end of that portion <br />the center l +, ne of 10th Street to a <br />the Clerk of the legislative body of <br />of the wharf 16 feet in , width, <br />Point which is `1,00 feet northerly of <br />the City of Newport Beach a pe- <br />and easterly of the portion pf <br />the northerly Bole of 'Central Avenue, <br />tition asking that a portion of the <br />the wharf 10 ft. in width, the <br />the place of begriming. <br />City of :Newport Beach be formed <br />northerly end of which gang plank <br />Section I Otg 'Pu,sd3 the da <br />y'-' <br />into a municipal improvement din- <br />of June„ 1921, an election will be <br />- shall be supported on a pontoon 18 <br />feet in width and 24 feet in length. <br />trict for the purpose of creating an <br />called in said district for the purpose <br />i The lending pontoon to be held in <br />indebtedness, to be represented by I <br />bonds of said district, the proceeds <br />of submitting, and at said election <br />be <br />i position by wooden guide piles in such ' <br />from the sale of which shall be used <br />there will submitted to the uali- <br />4 <br />fied voters thereof, three proposi- <br />a manner that it is free to move up . <br />or down with the fluctuations of the <br />• for the construction of three public <br />tions of incurring an indebtedness by <br />tides, all in a safe, sufficient and ade- <br />:improvements, all of which the City <br />x <br />the issuance of bonds of such dis- <br />quote Y.nanner for the purpose of pub - <br />of Newgorf Beach is authorized by <br />trio to pay the costs and expenses <br />tic leasur <br />Pleasure and recreation, and the <br />i law to construct. <br />I <br />of the three Proposed public improve- <br />. uses of Commerce. The sand wharf <br />Whereas, said petition is signed by I <br />J more than ten per cent of all the qual -F <br />ments . a general description of each <br />to be constructed and to exist <br />ifr.ed electors residing in the territory <br />of the three improvements proposed <br />to be constructed, and an estimate of <br />4 within <br />Y the proposed municipal im- <br />which is proposed to be formed into <br />the cost thereof, and of the incidental <br />1 provement district.. <br />a itrtunicipal improvement district and <br />expenses in connection therewith, are <br />The estimated cost of which wood- i <br />P <br />sets forth a general description of `as <br />follows: <br />er, wharf is 4100.00 and of the inci- <br />$ <br />the three improvements to be con - <br />dental expenses in conn• "ecton there - <br />structed and a general description of: <br />(a) The improvement of the ocean <br />I.1 with is $400.00. The propdsed public <br />the exterior boundaries of such pro-.j <br />front within the proposed municipal <br />improvement, the said wooden wharf, <br />posed district: , <br />Now therefore, — <br />The Board of. Trustees of the <br />improvement district by the construc- <br />tion of a wooden wharf at the souther - <br />City ly end of Main Street, a public street <br />Iof Newport Beach do ordain as fol- <br />lows: <br />Section 1- The Board of Trustees <br />of the city of Newport Beach, as the <br />legislative body thereof,, hereby de, <br />clares its intention to exll an elec- <br />tion in that p.ortiotf of the city of New- <br />port Beach proposed to be formed <br />into a municipal improvement district, <br />or as the saine may be modified as <br />provided by law for the purpose Of <br />'submitting to ilic gttalifie4 electors <br />of said district the proposition -o`f au- <br />thorizing the issuance and sale of <br />bonds of such district, in the man- <br />ner and for the purposes hereinafter <br />set forth in this Ordinance of In- <br />tention. <br />Section 2. The exterior boundaries <br />of the proposed municipal iniprove- <br />ment distri. ct are accurately desmbed <br />as follows.: <br />Locateil in the City oft Newport <br />Beach, County of Orange, State of <br />California, and beginning at a point <br />in the center line of 10th Street; <br />which point is 100 feet'tiortherly. of <br />;the northerly line of Central Avenue; <br />Itlience northeasterly in a direct line <br />VD U. S. Bulkhead Station No. 150, as <br />' shown upon a Map of the War De- <br />partmont of Newport Bay, California, <br />establishing the harbor lines of said <br />. Newport Bay, approved January 18, <br />11917, thence easterly in a direct line <br />to U. S. Bullhead Station No. 151, as <br />!shown upon the aforesaid. Map of the <br />War Department; thence easterly in <br />a direct line to U. S. Bulkhead Sta- <br />tion No. 152, as shown upon the afore- <br />said Map of the War Department; <br />thence southeasterly in a direct line <br />to U. S. Bullhead Station No. 153, as <br />Shown upori the aforesaid Map of the <br />,War Depa rtment, thence southeaster - <br />ly; in a direct line to U. S. Bulkhead <br />'.Station No. 154, as shown upon the <br />in and of the city of .Newport Beach, <br />said wharf to extend from the shore <br />of the Pacific Ocean into and over <br />the waters thereof, the same to be <br />constructed by driving wooden piles <br />into the earth and erecting thereon <br />a superstructure, consisting of a wood- <br />ell deck or floor, - three inches in <br />thickness, supported by stringers rig -, <br />idly secured to wooden caps resting <br />upon creosoted pile bents; all in a i <br />safe, sufficient and adequate manner <br />for the purpose of public pleasure and <br />recreation and the uses of commerce,. <br />said wharf when completed to be 818' <br />ft. in length, 20 ft. in width, and ap- <br />proximately 15 ft. above mean lower <br />low water of the Pacific Ocean. The <br />said wharf to be wholly constructed <br />and to exist within the proposed muni- <br />cipal improvement district. <br />The estimated cost of which wooden <br />wharf is $23,000.00 and of the inciden- <br />tal expenses in connection therewith <br />is $2,000.00. The proposed public im- <br />provement, the said wooden wharf, <br />shall hereafter in this Ordinance of in- <br />tention be designated "Proposition No.; <br />1" and the use of the words and figure <br />"Proposition No. P means and shall' <br />be construed to mean the said pro- <br />posed public improvement. <br />(b) The improvement of the bay! <br />front within the proposed municipal <br />. improvement district by the construc- <br />tion of a wooden wharf, tine center line <br />of which wharf shall be a line drawn <br />at right angles to a point which point <br />is at the intersection of a line 10 ft. <br />. easterly of and parallel with the west- <br />erly line of Washington Street, and <br />the bulkhead line extending between <br />,United States Bulkhead Stations Nos.t <br />112 and 113, *and extending from the I <br />'bulkhead line mentioned to a line 100 <br />ft. northerly of and parallel therewith. <br />shall hereafter in this On finance of <br />Intention be designated "P,roposition <br />No. 2" means and shall be construed <br />to mean the said proposed public fin- <br />prevenient. - <br />(c) The improvement of 1Qewport <br />Bay, a navigable body of wa.:ter ill- <br />eluded within the corporate limits of <br />!the city of Newport Beach, by con -. <br />I strutting in .a portion of Newport <br />Bay and within the proposed mini_ <br />opal improvement district of a turn- <br />ing basin by dredging a turning basin <br />in Newport Bay to a depth of 1p ft. <br />below mean lower low water of the <br />Pacific Ocean, the exterior boundary <br />Ilines of which turning basin shall in -i <br />Vrhnde all that portion of Ne:wport <br />f <br />May lying between a line, which line <br />as 100 ft.. nort4,westerly of and yaral- <br />let with the northeasterly prolongs- <br />; tion of the nortlnvesterly line of Palm <br />St., and a line which is 100 ft, sbuth- <br />i easterly of and parallel with the <br />northeasterly prolongation of the <br />southeasterly line of Main Street,. and <br />extending from the bulkhead line be- i <br />tween U. S. Bulkhead Stations Nos <br />112 and 113 to the Bulkhead line exr <br />tending from U. S. Bulkhead Stations <br />Nos. 158 to 156 as said bullhead lines. <br />and stationsiare laid out and shown', <br />upon a Map of the War Department <br />of Newport Bay, approved January <br />18, 1917, the said turning basin to he <br />wholly constructed and to exist with- t <br />in the proposed municipal improve- <br />ment district. <br />The estimated cost of which turn- <br />. ing basin is $11,350.00 and of the in- . <br />cidental expenses in connection there- <br />with is $1150.00. The proposed -pub- <br />lie improvement, the said turning <br />basin, shaif hereafter in this Ordi- <br />nance of Intention be designated <br />Proposition No. 3" and the use of, <br />the words and figure " Proposition No.t. <br />3" means and shall be construed to. <br />mean the said proposed public in- <br />mrovemeut. <br />