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E <br />Ii Alfred Snith, Cler': of the City o° :;et,:port Beacli, do <br />CC-'- �.f7r t:'.at the fors! -oink: Ordinance lio. 178 is a true and correct copy <br />of P-1 Ordinance pas: ed by tale Board of Trustees at a regular meeting <br />held on t'ne 4th day of April, 1921, and that sane vies printed and <br />published according to I(,t-r. <br />c ter lerk of T:evfport 3each. <br />�— _ Section 5. Every vessel lying at calk to vessels at such places shall) <br />i OROINANOE NO. 180. ( be ma Ile from and by means of pipe -j <br />any wharf or any slip in Newport <br />Harbor shall be fastened thereto will, lines and hose, suitably equipped and <br />, <br />An Ordinance of the City of Newport provided with closed connections and, <br />regulations for such head and stern lines from both <br />Beach prescribing g <br />_ _.. - - valves between pipeline hose to be ap. i, <br />! <br />the government of persons in charge bows and quarters in such a manner proved by the Harbor Master, and pro - I � <br />i 'and control of vessels in Newport as to meet the approval of the Harbor vide'd, further, that any such retail i - <br />Harbor, and prohibiting certain acts Manner. �c� ^-:� a,�g2 3t,L sale or delivery of such products in <br />therein and creating a penalty for, - bulk to vessels may be made at such <br />Section 6. It shall be unlawful for <br />all violations thereof. places by means of pipeline and hose' <br />ny person to run of operate any ves- ; <br />set pro elied by Depths, gasoline or without such closed connections and <br />The Board of Trustees of the City p <br />i valves by special permission of the <br />.ofe Newport- Beach do ordain as foi -. other motive power in any portion of <br />- SewpOrt Harbor at a rate of speed harbor Ddaetrq under such conditional <br />i lows: as he shall prescribe, when, in his) <br />Section l✓ Certain words amt greater than ten (10) nautical miles <br />' per hour, provided, ftnat the Board of judgment, such delivery by the use of <br />phrases hereinafter used in this Or.l closed connections is impossible or <br />f "Trustees of the city of Newport Beach <br />(finance shall. have and at all times J impracticable, and at such places as <br />�. may prescribe and define a certain. <br />be construed to Pave the meaning de may be so designated therefor; the ! <br />t fined in this section: and o over and scrag which launches <br />and other small craft may be oper -same shall not he handled, used, sold, <br />- (a)VNewport Harbor means that or delivered between sunset and sum <br />'portion of the navigable waterG sled in trials of speed at a greater" , <br />�rate of speed than ten nautical miles )``'rise unless the same are lighted only <br />COm¢tonly called Newport Ba >'. per hour on such days and betweenl{by incandescent electric lights, pnroV- <br />which exists within the exterior^ <br />'such hours in the day as may be pre- :Ally pn tested by wire screens. Nothing) <br />_boundaries of the City of ., Newport, Scribed b}' the Harbor Master. I, herein contained shall prevent the' ' <br />$each. .sale of much products at retail from <br />q Section is R shall be unlawful for; i <br />/r (}t) VChannel meanh Dither or both <br />!!'barges to vessels direct, such barges <br />l,of the-.channels dredged in Xewporl'tanv person to unload gun - powder ti' <br />�. I1,•iant powder, dynamite, or any other:.ito be moored at such places as the <br />,Harbor by either the City of Newport;," 'Harbor Master may designate. It isI <br />„high explosive from any vessel to or I C <br />P !�Bearb, or the I- larhor Commission" npuu any wharf Or pier in Newport further provided that until such timef <br />F <br />of the County of Orange, according to I: that provision is made for delivery of ! <br />0 Harbor, or to load the same from any ' <br />'[t1Fe )VTu ni gasoline, distillate, or atty liquid pe- I <br />wharf or pier anon any vessel, ex. <br />(c)�Turning— basin means that, troleunr products, other than lubrieat -! <br />crpt between the hours of six o'clock , j <br />' or wu of any chaunrl whichg has ing oils. on docks, wharves or piers, <br />pp -� a. m., and six o'clock p. m., and dur- <br />( been dredged <br />for the purpose of per Ing which time a watchman must be !,as above provided, that such delivery! - <br />tmltting vessels to be turned around be made in such manner as shall be <br />t employed to inspect such loading or. 1 <br />"-Or their coarse or direction reversed unloading under the supervision of the , satisfactory to, and under supervision <br />Harbor Master, i <br />n therein- ,, of. the Harbor Mastsr. <br />(d)!'- Vessel means any faun, de. .� Section 9; Empty Ilnlms, tanks, <br />It shall be unlawful to load or on- - 'ip'Sign. or character of water craft or Uarn els,or other containers, used for <br />W l �oatillg structure however propelled,) )dad any much explosive except under +lie storage or transportation of gaso <br />n I moved, towed, floating in or navigat. i the inspection of such watchman. If 1 <br />line, distillate, kerosene, or other in i <br />ing the waters of Newport HarUOrr any loch explosive is not fatly loaded flammable products, shall not be al- <br />Dr unloaded during the hours hereinbe ! lc vcd to remain in or on any dock,' <br />Yorthe housing, transportation or 3 <br />conveyance of persons, ov property, Yore defined the maate>;.;or other per - <br />wharf, or pier, but must be removed <br />Son in charge or control of the vessel <br />�or both. before twelve o'clock noon, standard <br />" Se(tion 2,t/It shell be unlawful for: into or from which such explosive is ti,m�, provided they have begin received <br />the Master, or any.. person having • being loaded or unloaded shall cause <br />such vessel to haul away from such or unloaded between the hours of six <br />charge of any.yeaseL to anchor, or o'clock p. m., and eight o'clock a. m., <br />moor, or cause or permit the same to wharf, slip. or pier a safe distance' and if received or unloaded between <br />e•,;puchDred or moored within.a ten and to remain away therefrom during • _ <br />)' the time except between the h the hours of eight o'clock a. m. and <br />F ing basin. It shall be unlawful for the. ours Six o'clock P. m. they shall be removed <br />1. Master, or any person having eharg,. J her,linbe Lice specif ed. not later than six o'clock p. m. Crude <br />} of any vessel, to anchor or moor, or It shall be unlawful for any peremt <br />oil ! <br />or residuum which will not flash be- <br />Q• cause or permit the same to be an- load or unload any such explosive low 110 degrees Fahrenheit may be <br />chored or moored in any-channed ill into m- from any vessel to or upon loaded at any time, but all vessels <br />N _Newport Harbor, unless the same any wharf or pier in Newport Harbor' carrying oil for fuel must store the <br />'e securely moored both .fore and aft. unless during such loading or unload -! same in steel or iron tanks. No vessel <br />Section 3d It shall be unlawful ing a red flag be displayed at the fore loaded with any crude oil which will ! <br />for the Master, or any person having: top ac a danger signal and (filling the . flash below 110 degrees Fahrenheit,, <br />/ charge of any vessel, to make the) time when any such explosive is be -: shall be permitted to haul alongsidel <br />f, same fast to the front of any wharf, II ing loaded into or unloaded from any of any vessel or structure unless other - <br />'1 pier, or dock in Newport Harbor with- vessel no fire shall be permitted on. wise specified, or hereinafter provided.: ! <br />i out the consent of the owner, agent, i board such vessel except in the boiler_ -' Section 10. No person, firm, asse, <br />' or person in charge of any such wharf, room. No gunpowder or other explos -. eiatiou, or corporation shall discharge.' <br />pier, or dock. IN shall be allowed to remain on any I or deposit, or shall cause or suffer to <br />Section 4. It shall be unlawful for 1 wharf or .pier but the same must be i be discharged or deposited or to pass ' <br />the Master, or any person having i immediately removed therefrom. ; in or into the waters of Newport Her.' <br />)charge of any vessel, to permit tbe, Section R. The storage, handling. I hot, any coal tar or refuse or residu- i <br />same to remain fastened to any wharf, 'i keeping, use or sale of gasoline, dis-, ary <br />n iillate, or an product of coal, <br />i petroleum, as- <br />;pier or dock in Newport Harbor, o y liquid petroleum pro- jphait, bitumen, or other carbonaceous I <br />to be or remain moored immediately i ducts, other than lubricating oils, - -- - - - - - -- <br />in front thereof after such vess'et i on docks, wharves or piers, except as material or substance. <br />' has finished its business or loading or I such places as may be especially des- Section 11V Any master, owner, <br />unloading at such wharf, pier, or duck.' ignated therefor by the Harbor hlas. agent or other person having charge <br />without obtaining, the consent of tYe,t r, is unlawful and strictly .prohib of any vessel, raft, boom, or other <br />- .owner tr or person In charge . of lied, provided, however, -that any retaillfloating body shall not attach the same, <br />such wharf. 8P $T; stock. sale or delivery_of. such products in <br />'Ito any .buoy,. or chanayj market, and <br />