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$q <br />Section 26.VAIl strayv'egsels, tun - <br />Section 28. VAny person who`'shali, <br />Tile above and foregoing Ordinance <br />lber or . .other articles found within <br />do any act or aid or abet in the doing <br />No. 160 was passed at a regular. r sfb <br />,Newport Harbor,. not fit the lawful pos_ <br />of any act by another Person which <br />ing of the Board of Trustees of the <br />session or control of some person, <br />is declared unlawful by this Ordinance, <br />City of Newport Beach 'held on the <br />v,�(t shall be immediately delivered .up to <br />or who shall fail to do, at the time and <br />7th day of February, 1921, and on said <br />-� (the- Hdrbor Master and in whose cus- <br />in the manner in this Ordinance spe- <br />day was signed and approved by the <br />j.tody the}' shall remain until claimed' <br />cified, anything therein required of <br />President of said Board of Trustees, <br />of Newport Beach do ordain as f,,I -P <br />I•)ws: <br />him to be done, or who shall violate <br />the same being passed by the follow- <br />Ithe <br />y proper owners, who shall Day <br />any of the provisions of this Ordin. <br />ing vote, to -wit: <br />all expenses thereon, including a <br />sure, shall be deemed guilty of a mis. . <br />Ayes, Trustees, J. P. Greeley, J.. J <br />charge for keeping and storing the <br />demeanor, and upon conviction there- <br />Schnitker, Conrad Richter, L. S. Wil- <br />i same, and if not claimed they may <br />of shall be punished by a fine not ex- <br />kinson, <br />be sold in the manner provided by <br />ceeding three hundred dollars, or by <br />Noes, Trustees, none. <br />law. <br />men <br />imprisont not exceeding ninety <br />Absent, Trustees, Goo. P. Wilson. <br />Section 27. It shaii be the (iuty of <br />days, or by both such fine and hre <br />Signed and approved by me this <br />tha Harbor Master to inspect New- <br />prisonment. <br />7th day of February, 1921. <br />port Harbor and to be in constant <br />Section 29. This Ordinance shall <br />J. P. GREELEY, <br />touch with all vessels therein and, <br />be published once in the NEWPORT <br />President of the Board of Trustees. <br />In the .enforcement of all of the pro- <br />NEWS, a newspaper of general circu- <br />Attest: ALFRED SMITH, <br />visions of -this ordinance, shall have <br />lation printed, published and circulat- <br />,Clerk of the City of Newport Beach, <br />' the authority of a police officer of the <br />ed in the city of Newport Beach, and <br />---r7 - - <br />city. of Newport Beach, and he shall <br />shall talcs and in force thirty <br />( make monthly reports to the Board <br />} <br />e. <br />days after its passage. <br />its p <br />P. G. i <br />J. ItTiGLC:1` <br />of Trustees of all violations thereof, <br />President of file Board Of Trustees, <br />n of tine Pacific Ocean which lies south <br />and of such Other matters as may <br />erly of the northerly line of Ocean i <br />`,Avenue <br />(ST City <br />(SG,1I,) Cleric of the City of. <br />Clerk o <br />from time to time be required of him <br />Newport Beach. <br />, <br />by the Board of Trustees. . <br />s Streets, public streets in the City of <br />I. Alfred Snith, Clerk of the City of Newport Beach, do hereby,; <br />certify that the foregoing Ordinance No. 180 is a true and correct copy <br />of an Ordinance passed by the Board of Trustees st a regular Ireeting <br />held on the 7th day of February, 1921, and that same aas printed anC <br />published according to lair. <br />i <br />1 <br />:i <br />Jam- " <br />Cit& Clerk o`_ ifevmort .3eac -. i <br />ORDINANCE NO. lbi Section 2. Any person or pvv+on+� <br />-- 1 <br />who shall do any of these acts herein I <br />An Ordinance of the City of NewportF <br />declared to be unlawful and to cousli <br />Beach prohibiting the playing of l <br />title a misdemeanor shall be deemed <br />certain games and the performance : <br />guilty of a misdemeanor and upon <br />of certain acts along or upon por -: <br />conviction in a court of competent' <br />tions of the shore of the Pacific <br />Jurisdiction, shall be Punished b}• a <br />Ocean within the City of Newport ui <br />tine not exceeding one hundred dllan . <br />Beach. <br />($100.00), or by inrprisomtteut not ex -'I <br />1 <br />ceeding thirty days, or both such title <br />The Board of 'Trustees of the City Si <br />and imprisonment, in the discretion <br />of Newport Beach do ordain as f,,I -P <br />I•)ws: <br />of the court. <br />Section 3. This ordinance shall be <br />Section I. It is hereby declared un- <br />published in the XLWPORT NE \\ S,4 <br />lawful and to constitute a misde- <br />a newspaper of general circulation , <br />meanor for any person or persons to <br />printed, published and dreulated in <br />- <br />prow or loss any baseball, iudo „r ; <br />the City of Newport Bead, and shall <br />ibaseball, or solid r.rbbrr ball, or t,, <br />take effect and be in force thirty days <br />bat any ball, along or up„u any of <br />after its passage. <br />those certain parts or portions of the <br />The abgvc and foregoing Ordinance <br />. shore of the Pardue Ocean within the <br />No. 181 was passed at a regular <br />City of of Scwport Beach. and which <br />ing of the Board of Trustees of the <br />parts or portions there,'f are hereby: <br />City of Newport Beach held on the 16th <br />de.rribcd and designated is Zone I I <br />day of MayY 1921, and on said day was <br />and Zone 2. <br />signed and approved by the President(` <br />. Zone I shall conetifinr and emUraee <br />of the said Board of Trustees, the I <br />I, - <br />i all that part or portion of the ,burr,. <br />same being passed by the following' <br />of the Pacific Qcean which lies south <br />vote, to wit: <br />1 <br />1 erly of the northerly line r,f Surf <br />Ayes, Trustees J. 1'. Greeley, J. 1. f <br />Avenue and between the wester( }'.Schnitker, <br />Geo. P. \Gilson, Conrad <br />lines of Adams and "B” Streets in the <br />Richter, L. S. Wilkinson. <br />City of Newport Beach, produced <br />'Noes, Trustees, -None. <br />southerly to the line of lower low. <br />Absent, Trustees \One. <br />water of the Pacific Ocean. <br />Signet( and approved by me this <br />16th day of May, 1921. i <br />Zone 2 shall constitute and embrace I <br />P. G. i <br />J. ItTiGLC:1` <br />�u11 that part or portion of the shore! <br />' <br />President of file Board Of Trustees, <br />n of tine Pacific Ocean which lies south <br />t: ALFRED S \I <br />erly of the northerly line of Ocean i <br />`,Avenue <br />(ST City <br />(SG,1I,) Cleric of the City of. <br />Clerk o <br />and between the ieesteriy! <br />Newport Beach. <br />'.lines of Nineteenth and .Twenty- third] <br />s Streets, public streets in the City of <br />Newport Beach, prolinced southerly, �. <br />to the .line of lower low water of the <br />',Pacific ' Ocean; <br />4 <br />I �- <br />