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el <br />ORDINANCE NO. 184 the proposed improvement was oil file <br />`I of the \War Department; thence <br />in the office of the Clerk of the legis -I <br />southeasterly in a direct line to <br />An Ordinance of the City of Newport' lafive body of such City; which said <br />I U. S. Bulkhead Station No. 153, <br />Beach calling an election to be held, map shall govern for all details as to <br />as shown upon the aforesaid map <br />within a certain Oistrict of and in the extent of the said district; <br />of the War Department; thence <br />said city, providing for the submis -' Also fixed Thursday, the 5th day of <br />southeasterly in a direct line to <br />sion to the qualified voters thereof; May, 1921, at the hour of 7:30 o'clock <br />U. S. Bulkhead Station Nro. 154, <br />the proposition of incurring a debt p' m., at the council chamber of the <br />as shown upon the aforesaid map <br />by the issuance of bonds of such Board of Trustees of said city, as the <br />of the -War Department; thence <br />district, for certain purposes, recit -� date, hour and place for hearing of <br />southeasterly in a direct line to <br />ing the objects and purposes for protests; - <br />U. S. Bulkhead Station No. 108. as <br />which the proposed indebtedness is I' Whereas, the above referred to map <br />show" upon the aforesaid chap of <br />to be incurred, the nature of the im -� and general description were duly pre- <br />the War Department; thence south <br />provement work contemplated, thef pared and oil file in the office of said <br />15 deg. Last 'along the Bulk - <br />estimated cost thereof, the amount) Clerk; <br />head lme•betw•eeu U. S. Bulkhead <br />of the principal of the indebtedness) Whereas, no newspaper of general <br />Stations Nos. 108 and 107, and along <br />to be incurred therefor, and the rate circulation is or was published in the <br />the southeasterly prolongation <br />of interest to be paid on said in- City of Newport Beach six days a <br />of said bulkhead' line to its inter - <br />debfedness, fixing the date on whichh week, and the said Onlinance \b. 178 <br />section with the southerly bound - <br />such election shall be held, the man- was thereafter published once a week <br />ary line of the City of Newport <br />ner of holding the same, and the for two weeks by one insertion each <br />I <br />Beach; thence Westerly along the <br />week for two succeeding weeks in <br />manner of voting for or against said <br />southerly boundary line of the <br />provided that in all par -1. INEWPORq NEWS, a newspaper of <br />City of Newport Beach to its in- <br />ticulars not recited in this Ordin- general circulation published in tlhe <br />tersection with the southwesterly <br />Iproposition, <br />ance such election shall be held as City of Newport Beach, less than six <br />prolongation of the center line <br />provided by law for holding general) days a week, to -wit published therein <br />of 10th Street, thence northeaster- <br />in uniaPal elections in the City of once a "week, and <br />Iy along the southwesterly pro - <br />Newport Beach. Whereas, the time within which pro- <br />longation of the center line of 10th <br />Whereas, oil the-7th day of March, <br />1921, there was filed in the office of <br />the Clerk of the legislative body of <br />the City of Newport Beach a petition <br />asking that a portion of the City of <br />Newport Beach be formed into a muni- <br />cipal improvement district for the <br />purpose of creating an indebtedness, <br />to be represented by bonds of said <br />district, the proceeds from the 'sale of <br />which shall be used for the construc- <br />tion of three public improvements, all <br />of which the City of Newport .Beach <br />is authorized by law to construct. <br />Whereas, said petition is signed by <br />more than ten per cent of all the <br />qualified electors residing in the terri- <br />tory which is proposed to be formed <br />into a municipal improvement dis- <br />tests nhay be tiled has expired, and no Street, and along the center line <br />person interested or objecting to the of 10th Street to a point which is <br />formation of said district, or to the 100 feet northerly of the north <br />extent of said district, or to the con- erly line of Central Avenue, the <br />struction of the proposed improvement place of beginning. <br />work, or to the inclusion of his prop- . Section 2. An election is herebv <br />erty in said district, filed a written called and shall be held at, within, and <br />or any protest setting forth any ob- for Municipal Improvement .District <br />jection or protest, with the Clerk of No. 1 of the City of Newport Beach. <br />the City of Newport Beach, he being'on Tuesday; the 7th day of June, 1921, <br />the clerk of the legislative body there- Section 3. At the election called <br />of, at or before the hour of 7.30 o'clock and ordered to be held by the provis- <br />p. m. of Thursday, the 5th day of ions of Section 2 of this Ordinance, <br />May, 1921, being the time fixed for there shall be and is.lhereby submitted <br />the hearing of said protests, and to the qualified voters fu and of Muni- <br />Whereas, a hearing by the Board of cipal Improvement District No. "I of <br />Trustees of the City of Newport Beach ithe City of Newport Beach three sep- <br />was duly convened and in session art arate propositions of incurring a debt <br />the day, hour, and place fixed by Or -1 by issuance of the bonds of said dis- <br />dinance No. 178 for the hearing Oil trict for the purpose of the construe- <br />trict and sets forth a general descrip- said petition and protests, and no per- non at and within such 'district of <br />tion of the three improvements to be son appeared to object to or protest three certain public improvements set <br />constructed and a genera I'de script idn II against said matter: forth in Ordinance No. 178, all of <br />of the exterior boundaries of such I Now herefore, The Board of Trus- which the City of Newport Beach is <br />proposed district; tees of the City of Newport Beach do authorized by law to construct. <br />Whereas, the Board of Trustees of I ordain as follows: The nature of each public improve - <br />the City of Newport Reach thereafter, �� Section 1. The Board of Trustees: ment contemplated and proposed to <br />on the 4th day of-April, 1921, adopted J of the City of Newport Beach, as the be constructed, together with the esfi- <br />au Ordinance No. 178 of said "City, de-� legislative body thereof, having ac-� mated cost thereof, file amount of the <br />claring its intention to call an election G quirediurisdicticmto do so, _hereby de -4 principal of the iudebtedue ss to be ill <br />in said proposed' district, or as the clares that portion of the said city here- 1 curred therefor, . the rate of interest <br />same might thereafter be modified. for , hnafter described: being the territory I to be paid thereon, and the objects <br />the purpose of submitting to the quali -. generally described in the above peti -' and .purposes for which the proposed <br />lied electors of said district the propo- tion referred to as having been filed in I Indebtedness is to be incurred are re-1 <br />sition of authorizing the issuance and the office of the Clerk thereof, on the cited, and described as follows: <br />the sale of bonds 'of such district in 7th day of March, 1921, and accurate-I (a) The improvemeut of the ocean' <br />the manner and for the purposes set • ly described in Ordinance No. 178, ben front within the proposed municipal <br />forth in said Ordinance of Intention Ir mnd is hereby created' and formed into improvemeut district by the construc- <br />No 178; f a municipal improvement district, to tion of a wooden wharf at the south <br />Whereas, said Ordinance of Inten -7 be known as: MUNICIPAL Im_� erly end of Main Street, a public street) <br />tion No. 178 also contains: <br />PROVEXTENT DISTRICT NO. I in and of the city of Newport Beech, <br />An accurate description of the ex- OF THE CITY OF NE \V PORT'said wharf to extend from the .lore! <br />+ <br />terior boundaries of the proposed' BEACH, the boundaries of which are of the Pacific Ocean into and over the` <br />municipal improvement <br />A general description <br />provemetnj work propose <br />structed therein; <br />An estimate of the cos <br />posed improvement wort <br />incidental expense in Conn <br />with; <br />defined and established as follows: waters thereof, the same to be con -, <br />district; Located i" the Cjty of Newport structed by driving wooden piles into' <br />of the ihm Beach, County of Orange, Cali- the earth and erecting thereon a super - I <br />d to be con -i forma, and beginning at a point structure. consisting of a wooden deck <br />in the center line of 10th Street, or floor, three inches in thickness, sup- <br />! of the pro - I which point is 100 feet northerly ported by stringers rigidly secured to <br />and of the of the northerly line of Central iwooden caps resting upon creosoted <br />ecfionfhere Avenue; thence northeasterly in pile bents; all fn a safe, sufficient and <br />a direct line to U. S. Bulkhead adequate manner for the purpose of <br />That on the 7th day of June, 1921,1 Station No. 150, as shown upon public pleasure and recreation and us- <br />an election would be called 'in said' a map of the War Department of es of commerce, said wharf when conh- <br />district for the purpose of subnhittiug Newport Bay, California, estab- pleted to be 818 feet in length, 20 feet <br />to the qualified voters thereof the lishing the Harbor linen of said ' in tgidfh, and approximately. 15 feet <br />proposition of incurring indebtedness Newport Bay, approved January above mean lower low water of the Pa- <br />by the issuance of bonds of such dis- 18, 1917; thence easterly in a direct cific Ocean. The said whharf to be wholly <br />trict to pay the cost and expenses of I line to U. S. Bulkhead Station No. constructed and to exist within the <br />the proposed improvement work, and I51. as shown upon the aforesaid proposed municipal improvement dis- <br />0 <br />14 <br />y <br />_1 <br />f� <br />that a map =bowing the exterior bouhh- map of the War Department; ' trict. I .v <br />daries of said district with relation to thence easterly in'a direct line to <br />the territory immediately contiguous f U. S. Bulkhead Station No. 152; <br />thereto, and a general description of as shown upon the aforesaid map <br />