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tr <br />ORDINANCE NO. 188 <br />�'Triance <br />k <br />°.�...__._:_. _._._ <br />(The use herema ter in this Ordi~ <br />ALL MARKS El'CEPT THE <br />.__ <br />of the !cords 4esenbed muni :CROSS <br />(X) ARF FORBIDDEN. <br />An ordinance of the city of Newport <br />cipal improvement" is intended t <br />ALL DISTINGUISHING M'ARKS'. <br />Beach ordering the submission to <br />rnean, durs rueau, and shall at al, <br />OR rRASURF.S ARE FORBID- <br />4� <br />• <br />the qualified voters of said city the <br />tunes be construed to mean the com <br />DEN AND MAKE THE BALLOT <br />proposition of incurring a bonded <br />phetion of the municipal water wurki <br />VOID. If you WRONGLY STAMP,1 <br />� <br />debt, for the purpose of the com <br />of the city 7— Newport Beaclt, as d(• <br />.EAR, OR DEFACE THIS BALLOT <br />. <br />ple[ion of the municipal water <br />scribed and set forth in this Aection.) <br />return it to the Inspector of Election <br />works of the city of Newport Beach, <br />Section 2. The estimated cost of <br />and obtain another. <br />as set forth in Resolution No. 144 <br />the described municipal improvemem <br />There shall be further printed on <br />of the city of Newport Beach; and <br />in the sttm of eighty thousand dollar: <br />:he face of each said ballots the fol- <br />1, <br />calling an election for that purpose, <br />($50,1100), and the amount of ill, <br />lowing' <br />reciting the objects and purpose$ <br />principal of the indebtedness 10 bi <br />.. I "PROPOSITION <br />" <br />for which the indebtedness is pro- <br />incurred therefor is the sum of eight3 <br />Shall the City of Newport <br />- <br />posed to be incurred, the estimated <br />thousand dollars, the cost of whirl i <br />Beach incur a bonded debt YES <br />cost of the proposed public 'in- <br />will be too great to be paid out of the ('or <br />the completion of the mu- <br />provement, the amount of the prin- <br />ordinary annual income and revenue <br />ucipal water work in the <br />cipal of the indebtedness to be in- <br />of the city of Newport Beach. <br />will of $800000. NO., <br />curred therefor; the maximum rate <br />Section 3. For the purpose of pay <br />There shall be printed on the back <br />of interest to be paid on such in- <br />ing the cost of tine described mmnicipa: <br />if each of said ballots the following: <br />debtedness, fixing the date on which <br />improvement, public interest and ne <br />"Official ballot. Special Bond Eire - <br />such election will be held, the man- <br />I <br />cessity demands that the city of New <br />tion City of Newport Beach." <br />ner of holding such election, and the <br />port Beach incur a bonded debt by <br />Section 6. For the purpose of said <br />voting for or against incurring such <br />the issuance and Sale of the bonds o. <br />+pecial election the city of. Newport <br />_ <br />indebtedness, and providing that inj <br />said city in the sum of $80,000, an( <br />Beach is hereby divided into two <br />v <br />all particulars not recited in this <br />the Board of Trustees of the city of <br />special election precincts to be And <br />ordinance, such election shall be <br />Newport Beach proposes to incur : <br />they are hereby numbered Special <br />' <br />held as provided by law for holding <br />bonded debt in said snub. The ob <br />election Precinct No. I and Special <br />_ <br />municipal elections in the city of <br />jots and purposes for which the in <br />Election Precinct No. 2. Special <br />Newport Beach. <br />debtedness is proposed to be in <br />election Precinct No. I shall em- <br />--- <br />curred is to make and render the mu <br />)race all that portion of the city of <br />Whereas, the Board of Trustees of <br />vicipal water works of the city o <br />•ewport Beach lying northwesterly <br />tine city of Newport Beach, as the <br />Newport Beach complete, sufficien' <br />if the following described line: <br />legislative branch of said city, did at a <br />a7rl adequate to furnish and providt <br />Commencing at the point of inter- <br />regular meeting thereof, held on the <br />-the city rt Rc of Newpoaclh and the in- <br />Section of the center line of I-5th <br />i 26th day of September, 1921, by the <br />habitants thereof with a continuous <br />street, extended northeasterly with <br />cute of two- ,hirds of all of its members, <br />and sufficient supply of fresh and <br />the northerly city limits of said city, <br />pass Resolution No. 144 of the city <br />wholesome water for domestic use <br />lhence southwesterly along said ex- <br />_ <br />. of Newport Beach determining that <br />and with which to sprinkle e the streets <br />ended center line and along the cen- <br />the public interest and necessity de- <br />and public places m said city, and for <br />.er line of 15th Street and along said <br />maids the completion of the music, <br />the ex[iuguishment of fire, and that <br />_enter line of 15th Street extended" <br />, <br />pal water works of the city of New- <br />to carry out <br />; outhwesterly to an intersection with <br />i <br />port Besrh: <br />the same is necessary <br />the objects, purposes and Powers of <br />lie souther) boundary line of s..e: <br />Y Y <br />, <br />Now therefore, at this, a subse- <br />city of Newport Beach' <br />city. <br />r <br />quut meeting thereof, Tile Board oflthe <br />Section 4. A special election is here - <br />Special Election Precinct Su. 2 <br />Trustees of the city of Newport <br />and shall be held at and in, <br />I <br />;hall embrace all that portion of the <br />. Beach do ordain as Lows: <br />by called <br />Newport Beach on the <br />-ity of Newport Beach lying south- <br />-^ <br />Section 1. Public interest and rise-'7th <br />the city of <br />day of -November, 19210 for the <br />,astcrly of the follow hug described <br />es6tq demands the completion by <br />of the submission of, and at <br />line: <br />.. <br />. the city of Newport Beach of the <br />purpose <br />purpose dection niece is hers- <br />which <br />Commencing at the point of in[er- <br />municipal water works thereof, as se[ <br />by ordered submitted to ,be qualified <br />+ectiou of the canter line of IStl,� <br />forth in Resolution No. 144 of said <br />the city of Newport Reach <br />�trect, extended northeasterly <br />city, which completion shall consist <br />voters of <br />the proposition of incurring a bonded <br />the northerly city limits of said city, <br />in the aoinisition of approximately, <br />debt of said city in tine sill', of $80000Q, <br />•hence southwesterly along said ex- <br />four acres of water - bearing land ad -'for <br />the purposes set forth in beside- <br />tended center line and along the cen- <br />{ jacent to the land upon which there <br />N'•o. 144, of said city, bein tl,el <br />ter line •of 15th Street, and along said <br />„ <br />.1s now constructed the water wells <br />tion <br />,c, ribed municipal i-rprovenle,gi± <br />center line of 15th Street extended <br />;._.and pumping plant used in the mu-1 <br />Section 5. The manner �{ w ^'�t ^ ^: <br />southwesterly to an intersection with <br />uicipal water works of said city; also <br />such special eler+il '. <br />the southerly boundary line of said <br />tile urquisi[iun of a right of way suf <br />l .. <br />city. <br />ficicut in width upon who, to con- <br />for or against _ <br />ledness ss shall be as i, <br />Said special election shall be held <br />strutt and maintain n main watery <br />iv said special election precincts Nos. <br />' <br />pip.lin„ extending from tl,e pees eui <br />The proposition of <br />bonded deb[ and the issuance „r <br />polling places I,ereiv- <br />I and 2 a[ the olliu <br />water wells and pumping plant to the <br />Beach <br />(bonds of the city of Newport Beach <br />after named and designated: <br />for <br />_ <br />water storage reservoir of the city of <br />tor the described municipal iwprove- <br />The polling place Special Elec- <br />Newport Beach; also the acquisition <br />ment in the sum of $80,000, shall be <br />[ion, Precinct No. t is - established at <br />of a pump with the capacity to pump <br />submitted to the qualified voters of <br />the westerly ground floor room of the <br />I <br />• appronin,atel one thousand a11on <br />Y g <br />, <br />rte city of Newport Beach by prin[ -� <br />ruildin occupied b the city of iQew- <br />g p Y Y <br />' of water Per minute, and a Bessemer <br />ed ballot, and the ballots used a[ said <br />Tort Reach as a City hall, <br />K <br />nil or gas engine, of approximately 8, <br />� <br />special election except as otherwise <br />1'he p,1Lug pia, e [or Special Elec- <br />, <br />1 <br />hurscpoweq [o operate said pumps, <br />for ,n this ordinance shall <br />non Precinct No. ? is established at <br />and the installation of said vpump� <br />provided <br />be prepared, punted, furnished and <br />u <br />.he ha,ilding at Balboa, used by the <br />and engine; also the acquisition of thej <br />distributed as provided by law for pre - <br />:itr .'f Newport Beach as a Firr Hall. <br />necessary twelve ipe, inch <br />[il <br />iparing, printing, furnishing and dis- <br />The q named persons, each <br />hick <br />cast iron wafer pipe, with which h% <br />tribnting ballots at municipal elections <br />rri is <br />sf whom s a qualified elector of the <br />construct and the construction of a <br />in the city Newport Beach. <br />special Eecton precinct in which he <br />- <br />forLe main water Pipeline on [h, <br />Each ballot shall have printed on <br />to <br />s appointed, are hereby appointed as <br />aLovc mentioned right of way, con <br />the face [hereof the following hr <br />a Board of Election to hold, conduct <br />nect'ing the pumping plant with tIo <br />structinus to voters: <br />and make returns of said special <br />st.,rage reserNmro and also the ac <br />"INSTRUCTIONS TO VOTERS:. <br />Aection for that precinct, raid Board <br />quisition of the necessary six (6) ine{. <br />To vote in favor of the proposition <br />if Election in each precinct to con - <br />diameter cast iron water pip' <br />stamp a cross (X) in the .votirk <br />3ist of one Inspector, tw'o Judges and <br />with which to construct and the con. <br />square at the right of the word "See" <br />three Clerks, each of said persons <br />p <br />' s[rncticu of a distributing main, ex <br />following the proposition to be voted <br />shall receive fur his services as au� <br />Ielectiun <br />[ending from the water storage reset <br />,Pon. To mote against the proposition <br />officer the sum of 4, law -I <br />$ <br />Stir to the intersection of nth• <br />;tamp a cross (X) in the voting <br />jful money of the United States. <br />11 <br />Ana hue, <br />Street, and Santa Ana Avenue, o, <br />square at the right of the word "no" <br />Newpurr Heights. and there cornice <br />following the prupositi.uu to be voted <br />said main pipe with the present later <br />I <br />at distributing system. ., <br />upon. <br />