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169 <br />_W­ t <br />so. Cu other manufacturers of such <br />ORDINANCTs NO. 169: means _ <br />transportation. or in any Ito s <br />liquor. or to other wholesale drug_; <br />_ club. h <br />hotel. or in any private rump or' l <br />An Ordinance of the City of New suite o <br />of rooms in any club. or h <br />4 <br />port.Beach proj�ibiling the manu -Ior t <br />theater. or store. or a building de-11 d <br />permit. 4 <br />facture. sale, storage. or transpor- voted t <br />to public use or purpose or ( <br />b the; <br />for sacramental purposes Y <br />Cation of intoxicating liquor in the other p <br />public p <br />manufacturer of same. or to retail' <br />City of Newport Beach. the fmpor- have o <br />per s <br />druggists holding valid permits to do <br />tation tllereof into. cr the exports- ion a <br />any intoxicating liquor. except as g <br />providing shell wine is furnished r <br />tion thereof out of. said city for pfovid_Rr e <br />erein. - o <br />only to a regularly ordained priest or <br />r <br />beverage purposes. except an in this - S <br />Seeiion 5. It shall be unlawful for m <br />minister. or by written order of the <br />Ordinance prescribed. and provid- any p <br />p. <br />Vocal official board or governing body <br />ing pgrialties for all violations there- intoxicating l <br />.. V <br />of a religious organization regularly <br />of. semi- p <br />public place. except as herein f u <br />using the same for sacramental put <br />,provided. , <br />,poses. <br />of Newport Beach do ordain as fol- any p <br />person to solicit. take. or receive I <br />� <br />lows: any <br />order for intoxicating liquors. or hug valid permits to do so, but for <br />Section 1. Whenever and wherever to h <br />information how such o <br />used in this Ordinance, certain words6 eating l <br />liquors may be obtained, or' a prescription issued, signed..and dat -. <br />terms, and phrases shall mean, and w <br />where they are, except that persons e <br />ed by a physician• Every such gre- <br />at all times be construed to have the h <br />holding valid permits to manufacture s <br />scription shall be issued by the phy- <br />meaning, defined in this section o <br />or sell intoxicating liquors for non - Isician a <br />and filled by the druggist in <br />The word "liquor- or the phrase b <br />beverage purposes may •accept orders - <br />conformity with and by the authority <br />- <br />"intoxicating liquor" shall be con- f <br />for such liquors on the premises o <br />of the law of the United States. pro- - <br />- <br />srrped to include alchohol. brandy. w <br />where they may be legally sold6 and h <br />hided. that in addition to all other re -i ` <br />` <br />whisky, rum, gin6 beer. ale. porten and r <br />representatives of such manufacturers p <br />pi rements of law the name of the i <br />wine, and in addition thereto, any a <br />and all wholesale druggists may take P <br />Pherson applying for the prescription.' <br />spiritous• vinous, malt, or fermented o <br />orders for such liquors from persons', a <br />and hie name and address of the per- <br />liquor; liquids6 and compounds, wheth h <br />holding valid permits to, purchase the f <br />f sou for whose use the prescription is <br />er medicated6 proprietary, patented. or s <br />same. m <br />made, shall be inserted therein by the I r <br />r <br />nol— and-by whatever name called. S <br />Section 7. It shall he unlawful for p <br />physciau issuing the same at the time' <br />containing a <br />one -half of one per cent or y <br />ally person to advertise anywhere or � <br />the prescription is made or given. and <br />y <br />more of alchoh l <br />by any means or method intoxicating t <br />that not more than one sale or fur <br />:are fit for use for beverage purposes6 l <br />liquors or the manufacture6 sale. keep- W <br />Wishing is Wade upon such prescrip -, <br />or - which 1 may be used for beverage i <br />ing for sale, or furnishing the same, t <br />tiou:,that not more than sixteen oun -I <br />purposes. o <br />or where, how, from whom, or at c <br />ces of spiritous liquor and not more d <br />d <br />The term. " wholesaie druggist" w <br />what place, the same may be ob- � <br />�vfnous or malt liquor than is permit - <br />shall mean one who sells drugs at G <br />Gained. No one shall permit any sign b <br />bled by the law of the United States.I <br />wholesale and not to the general pub- <br />