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110 <br />ORDINALICE NO. 191 <br />onotice. io removve the dirt or <br />all is ntodin d. amen�F,?r uhied, <br />- oi' <br />)U_ .... ,. . U ,`r ^ ;]•. <br />rubbish specified in the notice frnitt <br />tu, ; pprrc, Iha. uro -•n n'. <br />111 <br />•C' Cory, -Cis ::o :;.. <br />An Ordinance of the city of Newport -,the <br />baullehq grounds. or lots therein., <br />lV'b.n tU. . .'... lilt :'rail he finally, <br />,!rl1S'i :J <br />Beach.. requiring the owner, lessee;' <br />designated . tr to remove the weeds <br />(appruvcd L. thd; ,;nail of 'L'utstees., <br />tj. ", of ,- o,1 :,h -J.J l.s F. -, ;-•a <br />i or oce3tpant. of, buildings, grotmds,.�and <br />rank growths:' from: the .sidewalk <br />the amount thereof shall constitute a <br />d <br />or.Ioie :to remove dirt or rub bish:oppositr <br />thereto shall, be guilty of a <br />vela it, tat-or of the city nL Newport <br />tiler sfrcm,. and weeds and rank <br />:imisdemeauor. and upon cot- ;iction <br />i +each against the m: oar. lessee. or <br />'- <br />growths from any. sidewalk opposite <br />^thereof in a court of competent juris- <br />occupant of the building, gronnds. or <br />thereto;..ppoviding, for the giving of <br />Uclion shall be punished by a fine not <br />lots from which the din or rubbish <br />I <br />notice,. authorizing. the removal or <br />exceeding the sum of $100.00. or by <br />via$ removed by the Superintendent of <br />destruction of . any dirt, rubbish <br />Imprisonment not exceeding thirty <br />Stre tu. or.the owner. lesser or oven -' <br />weeds and, rank growths by the <br />clays. or by both .such fine and inn. <br />pant of any grounds or lots opposite( <br />., <br />Street -Superintendent an default of <br />Frisomntnnt in the discretion of the <br />to ..ny - :idew ilk front which the weedsI <br />such owner. lessee, or occupant, <br />court, a,ni every day that such dirt <br />or rank growths were reneovcd: and <br />-. <br />making things,[ thereof a lien upon <br />rnhbish. weeds. or rank growths shall <br />{hremain <br />in immediate right of action shall ae <br />such buildings, grounds. or lots, pro -!I <br />unremoved. shall be and roll- <br />true in favor of the city of Newport <br />viding.:p procedure for doing thel <br />;� stitute a .separate offense. <br />'Beach to entorce and codle: t said debt <br />I <br />sivme, making the failure of the <br />Se rtiun 2. If the owner. lessee, nr <br />b civil action in an court o; con e- <br />>' Y P <br />owrter; lessee or-occupant of such <br />p <br />occupant of any building. ground; or <br />tent jurisdiction, together tenth all <br />t <br />buildings, grounds or lots to re- <br />I lots designated in any.notiee provided <br />costs in such action expended. <br />P <br />I <br />mope`�dirt, rubbish, weeds or rank <br />Stn be given and served by Section 1 <br />.,l <br />A roe.eeutiou for a misdemeanor <br />P" <br />: <br />grbt,ths a . misdemennor, and pro,:l <br />of this Ordinau, -e .shali neglect, fail. <br />tinder this ordinance and the payment <br />I y <br />d <br />or refuse ao remove therefrom tic' <br />viding a.penalty for all violations of �i <br />of any tine therein imposed shall not <br />this Ordinance. dirt or mliMsh specified in said notice. <br />be deemed i bar to the bringing of a <br />r <br />_ �or to remove the weeds or rink <br />civil action for the enforeenent of <br />- <br />Thr.Board of Trustees of the city of '. growths from the ,idewall: oppas:te <br />Many such debt. <br />Newport Beach do, ordain as follows: ,thereto for five days after service of <br />Ij Any judgment recovered in any <br />Section 1. Whenever in the city of such notice, then it .shall immediately <br />.;nch action may be enforced and col -' <br />Newport Beiach,there shall accumulate, it <br />become and continue to be the duty <br />I lected by execution as in other civil <br />be, and exist in any building or on any <br />of the Street Superintendent of the <br />case s. and a certified copy or trau- <br />grptinds or hots any dirt or rubbish. or <br />city of ' ewport Beach to remove and <br />I ;cript of any such judgment stay he <br />there shall be any weed: nr rank <br />`'destroy. or cause to be removed and <br />recorded in thg_ office of the county <br />' <br />I growths .upon or along any sidewalk <br />d estroyed. all such dirt. . rubbish. <br />recorder of the &unty of Orange. and <br />y <br />j opposite any huilding. ground. or lot.. <br />weeds and rank growths. <br />thereupon become and continue to he <br />� <br />it is hereby made, the duty of the <br />The Street Superintendent of the <br />'a lien upon the property from which <br />1 Street Superintendent of the city of <br />City of Newport Beach is hereby vest <br />the dirt and nebbish was removed. or <br />'Newport Beach to sere. or cause to <br />ed tcith the right, power, and authority <br />uppo ite to any sidewalk from which <br />The served,."tomi the owner, lessee. or <br />to, enter into :ltdy such building and <br />the weeds or rank growths were <br />occupant of au <br />p y.such building. gronud, <br />upon any such ground. or side- <br />d hit <br />moved. <br />r lot: written nn it V, <br />..t c renn?ve there <br />walks for that .purpcse. <br />All such liens shall continue as in <br />such .dirt or rubbish, -r to re- <br />It is. Hereby made the duty of said <br />other civil cases. <br />{move the weeds or rank growths from <br />Street Superintendent to keep an ac <br />Section 3. The above and forego <br />Ithe sidewalk opposite thereto. desig- <br />curate, account of all ants amt ex -t <br />ing Ordinance shall he published once <br />' <br />mating what building. grounds or lots. <br />', Penn es .trrccasarily incurred by him iix; <br />in NEWPORT NLWS, a newspipe, <br />or..sidle.ivalk, opposite thereto, is in <br />removing and destroying any su- h j <br />of general eirculatiml prinited. pub I, <br />tended. and further specifying the gen <br />dirt, rubbish. weeds, ur tan yuiwths.l <br />!:silted and Girt .d; <br />including the cost and expenses of all <br />era! character n( the dirt. rubbish. i <br />�. <br />Newport 1 ach, and it shall there-[ <br />cared,. or .rank growths therein ur�labor employed fur that pinp. se, and1 <br />upon take effect and be in force. <br />I <br />� ll;crrml existing and [i� h- rrmuve<I, <br />to certify said account over ht official <br />The foregoing Ordinance was <br />g g <br />i <br />i� <br />said notice . shall be nerved by ddirer- <br />signature as true and correct and file <br />pa sed at a regular mretin;; of the <br />Ink. the same personally to such own- <br />the same with the Clerk of the City of <br />11 .ard of Trustees of the city of New - <br />.ee. lessee, or occupant if he can be <br />Newport Beach. The said Clerk shall <br />Ipxt Beaeli held on the 28th day of <br />found within the - city of Newport <br />Present said account so certified to the <br />N rveneber 1921, .hl the. f..11owing <br />9Beac(,. if not. then Ur mailing said <br />p+tlaril of Trustees of the city \ew'- <br />_ __ _._�' <br />v „re, and ou said da <br />y :igued and ap E <br />- <br />,notice iii the city of \ ewport Beach—poll. 1. Beach it the next regular meet- iiproved <br />by ihr President of the livard <br />postage prcilaid. addressed to such per - ong thereof after the same is filed with l <br />l of Tnestre <br />_ <br />!son at the last known address.tlicrcof. hint by the Superintendent of Streets. <br />Ayes. Ayes. Trustees J. li. Greeley. J. 1. <br />land posting a copy of the notice in a,l land the Board of Trustees shall es- 1. <br />:Schnitker, Gen. P. Wilson. Conrad <br />onspi:^.uou; place oil such hoilding, aveill said ac � ant. and if 0lo, k <br />Richter, O 11 Burke, <br />or lots: upon the mailing and found to be a true and .orrr t ac outrt'� <br />Noes. TItL fe -s, none. <br />(ground <br />posting thereof the srr-ice of such of the vost, and expenses Incurred bpd <br />absent. iru tees. none <br />,notice skill be deemed curpplete. Ithe Supers Trident of Streets ut rr <br />). 11. GRLi LF ;I: <br />livery owner. lessee. or occupant Of 1110% 1119 any -nch dirt, rnbbi h. wrrd +. <br />President of Ulc Board of Trusses. <br />s <br />'.any snch building, grounds. or lot.s.� <br />it rank growth•: the F'pa rd (of lair -i <br />city of 'Newport Beach. <br />I <br />wfioshail neglect, fail. or reEusy for a hives <br />shall aplon e fI same CI 111.1-1 <br />iit�st <br />period of five (5) dad's alter serviceImodif} <br />ame.11, rr ;rid to salt .r rout, <br />(Seal) A GFRL:U'iMIP11. <br />,so that -it shall conform with the facL! <br />Ci,rk of ilte city of \ewp4t I:cae h. <br />X <br />i <br />1 _ 1 :i1_ O., r q <br />- oi' <br />)U_ .... ,. . U ,`r ^ ;]•. <br />111 <br />•C' Cory, -Cis ::o :;.. <br />n.� <br />_ i ". :1C:; <br />',�^ _, �rl ).. 'O'•. a+ o;° <br />,!rl1S'i :J <br />^.'v i F - <br />.]l �' <br />r, �- .. <br />tj. ", of ,- o,1 :,h -J.J l.s F. -, ;-•a <br />_ <br />- <br />_ <br />,.. <br />,. .. ., � -- <br />X <br />i <br />