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F% <br />ORDINANCE NO. 182 Ae r"" - <br />Rule <br />Meaning y to ' <br />"' <br />t e cos oes no exceed 0.00 <br />" � � <br />The building inspector is hereby <br />building ct <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY[ <br />in value, he may issue a permit but <br />shall not charge a fee for same. <br />given authority to rule . as to the. <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH PRO -, meaning of the various provisions of.. <br />Where the contemplated building <br />" <br />'V.IDING FOR THE APPOINT. I this Ordinance and, to allow the' is located in a Fire District, and ex- <br />$100.00 in <br />MENT OF A BUILDING IN -I substitution of equally strong or ser -I ceeds value the applicant, <br />SPECTOR' AND ASSISTANT viceable construction in place of any shall, upon request of the budding in- <br />BUILDING INSPECTORS AND. specified by this Ordinance, but in' l <br />spector, file with said building in- <br />PRESCRIBING RULES AND; case where any ruling is made by the I ;. <br />Spector a complete set of plans and <br />REGULATIONS GOVERNING building inspector regarding substi- <br />specifications covering the work to <br />r <br />THE ERECTION OF BUILD -I tute construction or in deciding any <br />be done, which said plans and <br />,..-� <br />INGS INI`j THE CITY OF NEW -� disputed question as to the meaning <br />n the <br />fications shall remain on file in the <br />PORT BEACH,' AND PROVID -' of any part of this Ordinance, a writ- <br />office. of the building inspector five <br />\_f <br />ING A, PENALTY FOR: ALLY ten copy of such decision shall be <br />years after completion ", occupancy <br />VIOLATIO$lS THEREOF. posted in a conspicuous place easily <br />of the said building .and np longer:` <br />All such plans and drawings shall <br />.accessible to the public in the office <br />The Board of '1�Fustees of the City of the building inspector, and these <br />be drawn to a scale not less than <br />, <br />. <br />I of Newport Beacb do ordain. as fol-, decisions shall be kept permanently <br />eighth of an inch to' an paper <br />� foot o ape- <br />lows: on. file. in a place as noted above and i <br />or cloth, in ink or by some other <br />process that will not fade or obliter- <br />Section 1. in such manner that they may be <br />' There shall lie a Building Inspector easily consulted-by any one wishing <br />ate. All dinumsioft . and distances <br />'F <br />and such assistant Inspectors as the to- examine them. <br />shall be accurately figured and <br />drawings made explicit and com- <br />Board of Trustees may deem neces- Section 5. <br />sary, appointed by and holding of- Board of Appeal. <br />Plete. All said plans presented shall <br />- <br />fice at the pleasure of'the Board. No In case of dissatisfaction with any <br />be accompanied by a set of specifica- <br />person shall be appointed as Building ruling of the building inspector, ex.. <br />lions describing all materials, to be <br />- <br />. Inspector who has not had at least . cept in the case of unsafe buildings <br />used in the proposed building and, <br />five (5) years experience, either as a� requiring immediate attention, thel <br />in any. case requiring special calculi-, <br />des[ ner or constructor 'of buildings,. i dispute may referred <br />designer question <br />lions or knowledge of strength of ma- <br />d <br />.or as assistant Inspector who has; to a board of 1, the decision of <br />d <br />terials, the building inspector may re- <br />g P y <br />quire such strain sheets and copies of <br />not bad at least three (3) years like a majority of whom shall be binding. <br />whom <br />he deem <br />experience. It shall be the duty ofi Such a board shall be composed of <br />calculations as may neces -, <br />If,upon examination the build - <br />the Building Inspectoe to make such three persons qualified to decide the .sary. <br />be to <br />ing inspector shall find that the plans <br />inspections as may necessary question at issue, one appointed by <br />see that�the provisions of this Ordi- the building inspector, one by the . <br />and specifications the completed <br />te <br />nance and of the Tenement House Act. party making the appeal and the third <br />work are not in accordance with the <br />th <br />Hotel and Lodging House Act, by the two members already chosenthe, <br />Ordinance of th City of Newport <br />Beach, he shall indicate such <br />and Dwelling House Act, all Members .of the board of appeal shall <br />the State of California, are com- 5.00 for their 'ficiency <br />on <br />in writing on a correction <br />of each receive services <br />plied with. It shall be the further in the case of each appeal for each <br />sheet and return the drawings and <br />duty of the Building Inspector to day or part of a day that their ser- <br />specifications with such correction <br />bring action in the proper Court vices are required. Appeals from the <br />sheet to the applicant for the permit. <br />-. <br />against any party -or parties who viol- decision of the building inspector <br />and no permit shall be issued until <br />such drawings and specifications <br />ate the provisions of this Ordinance shall be made by filing with the <br />have been corrected. <br />or the above mentioned Act of the building inspector a specific state- <br />When plans and specifications are <br />State of California with the purpose ment of the question that the appel- <br />within the meaning of this ordinance <br />.. <br />of having such party or parties pen- lint desires passed upon. The ap- <br />alized as provided for in the several pellant shall deposit with the build- <br />they shall be accepted and permit <br />statutes. ing inspector the sum of thirty dol- <br />Inspector is hereby <br />i <br />issued and the building inspector <br />shall stamp such plans and spe <br />The Building lars at the time the appeal is made. <br />given authority to enter any build- This appeal must be made within <br />fications as follows: Plans ed <br />a- <br />ing in the City of Newport Beach in five days after the building inspector <br />thept <br />for. construction subject to the re- <br />quirements of the building ordinance <br />the performance of his duties, and is :has passed upon the question in <br />- - <br />of the City of Newport Beach and <br />further given authority to order and -- - 'b <br />compel the suspefision of any or all _ dispute.» -It the oard of appeal <br />State of California. <br />work or the occupancy of any build- shall decide in favor of the appellant <br />The stamping of any plans or <br />ing on which any work is being done, the deposit made shall be returned <br />specifications shall not be held to <br />v' <br />or which is being occupied in viola- and the expense paid by the city, but <br />permit or to be an approval of any <br />s <br />lion of the provisions of this Ordi- if the decision is against the appel- <br />lant, the deposit shall be used to de- <br />violation of this Ordinanc e. <br />permit Card <br />nance, or the above mentioned elctsl <br />of the State of California. fray the expenses of the board of ap- <br />When permit is given, a card shall <br />The Building Inspector and the as- Peal. <br />Board of Appeal <br />accompany it showing number of <br />be <br />Powers of <br />sistant Building Inspectors shall re -P <br />ceive such remuneration as the Board The power of the board appeal <br />permit, and this card must posted <br />P <br />in a conspicuous spot on the building <br />u <br />of Trustees of the City of Newport shall be limited to passing upon the <br />at all times during construction. <br />-+ <br />Beach shall from time to time decide true intent and meaning of the var- <br />Ordinance <br />If such permit has been granted; <br />upon. ious provisions of this or <br />Section 2. upon the substitution of equally good <br />plans shall not be changed except in <br />minor details not affecting structural <br />g <br />_ <br />Notice of Violation of Ordinance 'or more desirable construction, but <br />parts, stairways, elevator shafts, fire <br />- <br />It shall be •a violation of this Or- they shall not have power to other- <br />wise modify any of the provisions of <br />escapes or means of communication <br />or of egress or ingress without notice <br />dinance for any person to continue <br />the construction or use of any build -[this Ordinance. <br />having first been given to the build- <br />ing' or part thereof if the Building) Section 6. I pe <br />ing inspector and his approval ob- <br />_ <br />,Inspector has directed in writing 'that rmits <br />It be unlawful for any firm,' <br />tained, and if such change increases <br />the cost of the work, the <br />such construction or use be suspend-I shall <br />ed. The posting of a written or print -. corporation, person, owner, architect, <br />proposed <br />building inspector shall be paid an <br />ed notice on the building shall,be con -, lessee, builder, occupant, or other <br />additional fee for such change in <br />sidered a sufficient notification as person to commence or proceed with <br />accordance with the schedule of fees. <br />required in this Ordinance, and it the erection, construction, alteration, <br />demolishing (re- <br />hereinafter provided, such work to <br />shall be a violation of this ordinance repair, moving or <br />be charged for as an additional per-1 <br />to remove such a notice except bylstoration of plaster and painting ex- <br />mit, and in any case where separatel <br />permission of the Building Inspector.' cepted) of anv building or any part <br />or additional permits are .taken out', <br />The Building Inspector is hereby of any building or other structure <br />on any work such permits are to be, <br />given authority to .delegate any or within the city limits (other than <br />charged for as additional permits in <br />_ <br />all of his powers to his assistants at building or part of any, building or <br />other structures erected b� yy the City <br />each case. <br />Specifying Floor Loads <br />his pleasure. <br />Section 3. of Newport Beach, County of <br />Before a permit shall be issued for <br />Dangerous Structures Orange, State of California) unless a <br />any building other than one intended <br />Whenever the Building Inspector permit to do such work has first been <br />for private residence, the floor plans <br />shall find that any structure or part, obtained as herein provided. Any <br />shall have plainly marked on them <br />thereof is in a condition dangerous I person or persons desiring such per- <br />the net load per square foot that the <br />to persons or property by reason of mit shall file with the building in- <br />(o blank to be furnished <br />floor$ are .designed -to carry, and in <br />any defective construction or unsafe s spector a <br />condition rendering the building on by said bun ilding inspector) an ap- <br />case of post and girder or skeleton <br />construction being used a schedule <br />- <br />,- <br />safe the purpose for which it is Plication therefor. Such application <br />of loads shall be given showing the <br />.for <br />used, or does not comply with the shall give the location of the propos- <br />total load that each member includ- <br />regulations enacted for the protection ed building, erection and alteration <br />ing the footing is designed to carry. <br />of life and property in case of fire, or repairs, moving or demolishing by <br />Section 7. <br />' <br />he shall notify the owner, or post a lot, block, tract and house number <br />the building calling atten- (obtained from the City Engineer) <br />gees <br />The fee to be paid the building in- <br />C <br />. notice on <br />tion to the defects in the "building, or other description from the records <br />spector for the issuance of any permit; <br />or part thereof, and within forty- of the County of Orange, (or other <br />hereof shall be as follows: <br />- <br />hours after such notice has records) so as to be readily identi- <br />Less than $500. ........................$1.00 <br />,eight <br />been served or posted, work must be fled; the general dimensions, number <br />501..00 to $2.00 <br />$ $1� ........................ <br />1 <br />begun on, and the building or part and height of stories, name of the <br />$1001.00 to 1500.00 ..............::........$2.50 <br />thereof made to Comply with this firm, Corporation, person, owner, <br />$]501.00 to $2500.00 .....$3.00 <br />Ordinance. I lessee, architect, builder, occupant or <br />$2501.00 to $3500.00 ...$4.00 <br />h such Where the public safety requires other person <br />$3501.00 to $3750.00 ........................$4.25. <br />s <br />immediate action the building in- Fork, shall give a full and complete <br />is hereby estimate of the cost of the work, <br />- <br />$3751.00 to $4000.00 .... 4.50 <br />Spector may and given <br />• authorhy to enter upon the premises state for what purpose the building <br />$4001,00 to $4250.00 ........................$4.75 <br />with such assistants as may be net. is designed to be used, and contain <br />essary and cause the said structure.such other information. as required <br />$4251.00to$4500.00 ........................$.5.00 <br />$4501.00 to $4750.00 ........... .....$5.25. <br />to be secure or taken down I by the form of application in use. <br />$4751.00 to $5000.00 ....... ........... 501 <br />.made <br />without delay at the expense of. the L If :upon examination of any <br />$,5001.00 to $5250.00 ...................:..:. .751 <br />! <br />owner or party interested, and such' I application for a permit' to do <br />Many building[ outside ^"a "fire dis- <br />$5251.00 to $55.00.00 ................. $6.00 <br />$5.501.00 to $5750.00 $6.25 <br />expeifse shall constitute a lien against <br />'trtcl,, the, tm id idspector shall <br />......................... ; <br />$5751.00 to-i 0W.D0 <br />.the property. ,g <br />.......... .... ... ,,$654. <br />F% <br />