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a <br />ORDINANCE. NO. 185. <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE BOARD <br />OF TRUSTEES ,OF THE CITY <br />OF. NEWPORT BEACH, DE-' <br />CLARING-: VACANT FOR PUB -f <br />LIC. STREET PURPOSES A! <br />-CERTAIN PORTION/ OF 24TH <br />STREET' WITHIN' SAID CITY. <br />WIIEREAS, the' ,Board of Triin. <br />tees of the City of Newport Beach <br />on the 19th day of September, 1921:. <br />' at a regular meeting of the said Board. <br />of Trustees held on that date, . duly; <br />\,. passed' "and adopted,a resolution, be -' <br />ing , Resolution: No.' 147:. entitled, `A' <br />Resolution 'of the Board of Trustees. <br />.t of thc'City of Newport Beach, declar- <br />ing their intention to vacate, close -up <br />and abandon for public 'street, pur- <br />noses a certain portion of 24th street <br />within said city;' and <br />WIIEREAS; The Street Suoerin +' <br />.tendent of the City 6f Newport .Beach' <br />after the passage =of said Resolution <br />caused to be conspicuously posted . <br />along the line 'of said contemplated <br />improvement at not more than three <br />hundred feet in. distance, apart upon <br />said_ street, and not less than thre- <br />'in all upon said street; notices of the <br />Passage of said resolution, said notice' <br />being beaded; "`NOTICE" OF PIIB <br />LIC WORK," in letters not less that- <br />one inch'.im length• and - stating, tr' <br />'tact of, the. passage of said resolution,-" <br />.its date and briefly -the work 'of im, <br />.provement proposed, being ^that' of <br />vacating- the above named street <br />as -� <br />hereinafter . described, and the said- <br />. 'notice herein mentioned referred to- <br />Said'resolution'. fo'r further particii -� <br />_ 1ars; said - 'street superintendent" hav- <br />. my also caused a notice similar t <br />. tha; - hereinberore. referred '`to, to hr <br />published- by four , successive uue - <br />tions in the -Niw•port News, a wcekl <br />newspaperv. printed,' published an d. <br />circulated in said City of .Newport-( <br />Bcabh.(thcre being no daily newspa= <br />per, so . printed, published and circa -. <br />lated in said - city); .and more than tee <br />days after the crphration of the' <br />of publication of said notice Iravlh ;e' <br />elapsed, and no objections to the said: <br />improvement have been delivered to <br />the City Clerk of.'tlhc City of Nev.-� <br />:port Beach, and the said Board' &I <br />' Trustees having acquired jurisdiction <br />to-order'the Jacatioif of the portion c€€I <br />,said'streef as hereinafter described, I' <br />THEREFORE; The Board of Tru -; <br />tees of the City of Newport Beach _do. <br />ordain as follows.:, =- - i <br />Section One <br />,# <br />That that' portion, of, the; publial <br />0 <br />strcct hereinsftcs described.- 'witll'in1 <br />,tile said City -be ..closed tip, Vies ted,ind`- <br />'abandoned for public street purpoAGs.� <br />apd' that the said portiohr. of said <br />street so closed -up, vacated and abail- <br />,doned for public street', Purposes -is" <br />� <br />'described as followsr <br />All that portion of 24th Street with -' <br />in said City, beginning at the. north- <br />westerly corner of Lot` 15, Block 223. <br />of a- Map. of Section 'A- Newport. <br />Beach as recorded in: Miscellmieo6s.1 <br />I Maps Book 4. page 21,:P.ecords of, <br />(Orange County, California-" thence? <br />North -80 degrees 20-111iuutes 30 Sce =1 <br />rouds,East" along ihc'northcrly, line od <br />said`Lot..:15; whii.* northerly line of <br />said Lot I5 "is also the southerlylinc� <br />-of -the aforesaid 24th Street,- a:distatice <br />of 101.55 feet to a point; •thence Noitli" <br />19,degrees 42 minutes "30 scconOs <br />West, a distance of 3.43 feet. to a <br />point; thence South 78 degrees 20 <br />minutes West, aAistaihce',of.101.03 feet, <br />to the place of beginning. s' 1 <br />Section Two, "j <br />That the public work herein provid- <br />ed for, is for the closing -up; .or, fhcj <br />portion of the street herein desci-ibedi <br />� in Section One, and it appearing, to <br />the Board of Trustees that there are. <br />no costs, damages.or- expense . otcas -.1 <br />lolled by or arising' ohE.o f. said.e:orkj <br />and that, no assessment is necessary-" <br />to pay the.costs,darrages' Or.- eXPenses <br />'of said Work and that therefore mo' <br />commissioners shall bc, 11ppointell to,. <br />assess' benefits and damages:, <br />�Seetion Three. <br />The City. Clerk of the City of New <br />port Beach shall certify .to. the pass -' <br />-age of this ordinance, and Miall . cause" <br />the same to be publishe.&bv.onc -in -3 <br />sertion. in the Newport.Ncws - a:weck -' <br />�ly newspaper printed;•.liublishcd' and, <br />circulated 1 in-.said city nnd; "which. is;- <br />Ihereby designated -for that nuhpose <br />of -October; 1922. ` ' ". : <br />J. `J'.CHNITKER� <br />B <br />'President of the -of Ti4stees. -; <br />.fittest: ALFRED SAMTH - i <br />State of California -- <br />[County of Orange - <br />City-of Newport -Beach s <br />t I '- Alfred Smith, City ClcrlE of the <br />City of Ncwport Beach, do "hereby <br />i <br />certify lhat the foregoing' ordinance:' <br />,being Ordinance -No 185 „ was passed <br />by,thc'Board of Trustees df'the `City'i <br />of- Newport,' Bcach signed by .the <br />H : <br />:Presidcnt_of . said, Board and :attested.' <br />;wasv:adopfed' by: the . following - vote,' <br />.to-wit. . `a - 1”, .n <br />I- 'AYES Trustees J J SC1:iN3'TitE1t, <br />H:.- CARDOZA-'SL0'AN;.' G O; P': <br />WILSON;'.CO \FRAD- RICH- I?ER;-L.: <br />S: WILKINSON., .' <br />NOES: Trustees,'nonL <br />ABSENT: Trustees none. <br />x <br />, <br />1 <br />f <br />