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Ordinance No. 190 <br />Never Adopted <br />Trustee Schnitker introduced an Ordinance declaring it to be <br />the intention of the Board of Trustees of the City of Newport Beach <br />to order an improvement made therein, describing the improvement and <br />land necessary and convenient to be taken therefor, and specifying <br />the boundaries of the district to be benefitted by said improvement <br />and to be assessed to pay the expenses thereof, directing the postinj <br />and publication of notice of public work and designating a newspaper <br />for such publication, and further directing the mailing of notices <br />by the Clerk of the City of Newport Beach. The Ordinance was orders <br />filed, read, considered, designated No. 190 and referred to the City <br />Attorney. <br />Introduced 11/14/21 <br />Original missing <br />