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t _ - <br />CST. <br />Oi <br />1. I J lot o,' Jobri) . '9 11 nu . ,,.0 <br />o to 11 <br />than two - thirds of all the members qualified voters of the �' oY Newport ' <br />('� — - --— :thereof, that the public interest and Beach the proposition of incurring a - <br />I _ ORDINANCE X0. I95. also the public necessity demands the bonded debt for the completion of the <br />completion of the municipal gas dis -- municipal gas distributing system of <br />'AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF tr4buting system of the City- of New -: said city, consisting of the construe - <br />NEWPORT BEACH, BY THE LEG. port port Beach, consisting Of the acquisi tion of said gas container or holder, in l <br />LPL ;4TIYE RRAi \CIS TF,EREOF�ition of all necessary material, appar- the sum of $25,000.00, a special elec- <br />-TO -WIT: THE BOARD OF TRUS- <br />tus, appliances, machinery and equip -. tion is hereby called and - ordered to <br />TEES, ORDERING THE SUBMIS -y ment with which to erect and con be held, at, In; and for the City Of <br />SION TO THE QUALIFIED VOT•'struct, and the erection and construc-I Newport Beach, on Monday, the 10th <br />1 <br />.FRS OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT tion of a gas container or holder.. day of April, 1922, which date is here - <br />BEACH THE PROPOSITION QE (The use of the words "gas contain -' by fixed as the day on which such <br />'INCURRING A BONDED DEBT er or holder" hereinafter in this Or- � special election will be held, and a( <br />FOR THE PURPOSE SET FORTH dtnance means and shall at all times- said special election the proposition ' <br />IN RESOLUTION NO. 154 OF THE t, �* <br />e construed to mean the municipal oY, incurring a bonded indebtedness <br />SAID CITY, CALLING A SPECIAL I improvement described in said Resb-I for the described purpose shall tie' d <br />ELECTION FOR THAT PURPOSE, I lotion No. 154, and as defined and set submitted to the qualified voters of <br />RECITING THE OBJECTS AND' forth in this section of this Ordin- the City of Newport Beach. <br />j PURPOSES FOR WHICH THE IN- aa,e.) Section 7. <br />' DEBTEDNESS IS PROPOSED TO Section 2. The manner of holding such special <br />BE INCURRED, THE ESTIMATED I, The Board of Trustees of the City of election and the voting for or against <br />COST OF THE PROPOSED PUB - i Newport Beach Propose to incur a' incurring a bonded indebtedness for <br />1 h I C I M P R O V E MEN T, T H E (' bonded debt to Pay the cost of said gas 1 said purpose shall be as follows: I <br />AJ10L'NT OF THE PRINCIPAL'' container or holder, and to issue and The proposition of Incurring a bond -� <br />OF THE INDEBTEDNESS TO BE% sell the heads of the City of Newport.. ed debt-for the construction of said <br />.' INCURRED THEREFOR, A N D I Beach for the construction thereof. - I gas container or holder in the sum of <br />FIXING A MAXIMUM RATE' The objects and purposes for which $25,000.00 shall be submitted to the i ; <br />OF INTEREST TO BE PAID, the indebtedness is proposed to be in- qualified voters of the .City of New -' <br />ON SAID INDEBTEDNESS, FIX.! cored is to Pay the cost of the eom -i Port Beach by a printed ballot, and 4 <br />ING THE DAY ON WHICHpletion of tae municipal gas disinb -, the ballot used at said special elec- i <br />SUCH SPECIAL ELECT ;ON SHALL uting system, consisting of the acqu£- tion, except as otherwise provided Yorl <br />BE YIELD, THE MANNER OF . sltion of all necessary materials, appa- in this Ordinance; shall be prepared, {„ <br />HOLDING SUCH.ELECTION, AND ratus, applances, machinery and: Printed, furnished, and distributed as <br />THE VOTING FOR OR AGAINST provided by law for preparing, print- <br />INC. with which to erect and in furnishing and distributing bal- <br />IXCURRIXG SUCH INDEBTED- g. g <br />to construct and the erection and <br />'{ <br />NESS, AND PROVIDING THAT INN lots at municipal elections in the City <br />ALL PARTICULARS NOT RELIT. of of said gas container or oY Newport Beach. Each ballot shall ,p <br />- holder of a sufficient size and capac- <br />'-. ED "IN,THIS ORDINANCE ' SUCH' have printed on the face . thereof the <br />I ity to retain and hold sufficient gas <br />ELECTION SHALL BE HELD AS: following: <br />i n to furnish and supply the inhabitants PROVIDED BY LAW FOR HOLD -r MUNICIPAL TICKET BOND <br />of the City ti Newport Beach with gas <br />ING MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS IN .I ELECTION <br />THE CITY 'OV NEWPORT "BEACH.I for a continuous Period of twelve C1TY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />II hotel, being a capacity of approxi- f <br />mately 50,000 cubic feet. <br />INSTRUCTIONS TO VOTERS: <br />Whereas, on the 6th day of March, I To vote in favor of a propositions .: <br />1922, at a regular meeting of the leg-1. Section 3. stamp a cross (X) in the voting', <br />. ,slative branch, to-wit: the Board of The cost of the construction of said square at the right of the word "Yes ", <br />Trustees of the City of Newport Beach, gas container or holder is estimated j following the proposition to be voted <br />by a vote of more than two - thirds of : to be $`15,000.00. and the amount of upon. To vote against a proposition) <br />1 all the members thereof, there was) the principal of the indebtedness to be; stamp a cross (X) in the voting <br />passed; adopted and approved Resolu -II ,recurred therefor is the sum of $25,- square at the right of the word "No" <br />tion No. 154, of the City of Newport 11 a00.00, which sum is and will be too following the proposition to be voted <br />Beach, determining and declaring that great to be paid out of the ordinary upon. <br />the public interest and also the public annual income and revenue of the <br />^,ity of Newport Beach. ALL D1ARli5 EXCEPT THE CROSS <br />necessity Municipal Gs the completion of - (X) ARE FORBIDDEN. ALT, D1S -I <br />the of the City Gas Distributing Sys- Section 4. <br />tom of the City of Newport Beach, and The maximum rate of ]merest to be'- TIRES SHING MARKS OR ERAS- <br />the same is necessary and convenient Paid on the principal of the indebted- <br />TIRES ARE FORBIDDEN AND MAKE to carry out the objects, purposes and uess of $25,000.00 which It Is proposed THE BALLOP VOID. if you wrongly <br />powers of the City of Newport Beach,, to be incurred, is hereby fixed at six stamp, tear or deface this ballot return <br />the cost of which municipal improve -', per cent. per annum, and. shall be it to the inspector of election and ob- <br />ment will be too great to be pa'd'out 11 Payable semi - annually, which rate of tain another. <br />interest shall not be exceeded in PRO POS1T10R <br />of the ordinary annual income and tl <br />revenue of the City of Newport Beach. the issuance of bonds for subh indebt- Shall the City of Newport Beach I <br />Now, therefore, at this, a subsequent eduess. incur a bonded debt in the sum <br />meeting of said Board of Trustees of �. Section 5. 1 of $35,000.00 for the completion YES <br />the City of Newport Peach, after the' The Board of Trustees of the City, of the municipal gas distribut- <br />passage, adoption, and approval eY, of Newport Beach hereby orders ; ing system, consisting of the <br />said Resolution No. 154: I the submission of the Prof Isition • construction of a gas container NO <br />The Boar4oY Trustees of the City of of incurring a bonded indebtedness in or holder, of a capacity of ap- <br />proximately <br />Newport Bet4 do ordain as follows: .I the sum of $25,000.00, for the Purpose, 50,000 cubic feet? <br />of the construction of said gas con- Section S. <br />Section 1 I -- j For the purpose of said special elec -I <br />It hsv+na 8edwdetermined and de- „tainer or ])older to the qualified voters, <br />I of the City of Newport Beach. tion the city of Newport Beach Is <br />dared by Resolution No. 154 of tss. 'hereby divlded'�£nto two special elec- <br />City of Newport Beach, passed, adopt- SectxoII 6wzg. .a „„ #jpilV-*ge%ne'V.' o'b@�gjtWare here - <br />ed, and approved by the vote of more I-or the p I S <br />