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ORDINANCE NO. 197 <br />NOT ADOPTED <br />Trustee Burke introduced sn Ordinance declaring the <br />ntentio: of the Board of Trustees of the City of Newport Beach to <br />iriden in part certain alleys in said Citi *, describing the ir. :prorenent <br />nd land necessary to be taken therefor, and specifying the boundarie <br />f the district to be benefitted by the improvement and to be assesses <br />o pay the expenses thereof and to be known as the Assessment District , <br />irecting the Street Superintendent to post and publish notice of <br />ublic work and designating a newspaper for that purpose. <br />The Ordinance was ordered filed, read, considered, designated <br />rdinanee 110. 197 and submitted to the City Attorney. <br />Ordinance No. 197 was introduced on February 14, 1922; but <br />never had its second reading. <br />