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• <br />11 <br />1r� <br />u <br />Code, entitled 'Vehicles and Traffic,' relating to parking <br />of vehicles. <br />(5) The License Supervisor and all License Inspec- <br />tors shall have the power to make arrests for any viola- <br />tion of Title 5 of this Code, entitled 'Business Licenses <br />and Regulations,' Title 6 of this Code entitled 'Health <br />and Sanitation,' Title 10 of this Code entitled 'Offenses <br />and Nuisances,' and shall have the power to make arrests <br />for violations of Section 12.40.060 of this Code entitled <br />'Parking for Certain Purposes Prohibited.' <br />(6) The General Services Director, the Assistant <br />General Services Director, the Refuse Foreman, the Assistant <br />Refuse Foreman, and the Training and Safety Inspector shall <br />have the power to make arrests for any violations of Chap- <br />ter 6.04 of this Code." <br />SECTION 2. This ordinance shall be published once in <br />the official newspaper of the City, and the same shall be effec- <br />tive 30 days after the date of its adoption. <br />This ordinance was introduced at a regular meeting of the <br />City Council of the City of Newport Beach held on the 12th <br />day of February , 1973, and was adopted on the 26th <br />day of February , 1973, by the following vote, to wit: <br />ATTEST: <br />City Clerk <br />CERTIFIED AS THE ORIGINAL AND <br />CERTIFIED AS TO PUBLICATION <br />MAR 2 1973 <br />DATE .__... <br />XC-L F THE CITY OF NE RT BEACH <br />-2- <br />AYES, COUNCILMEN: McInnis, Rogers , <br />Croul, Dostal, Rvckoff, Store <br />NOES, COUNCILMEN: None <br />ABSENT COUNCILMEN: Kymla <br />t is z <br />DON dm <br />2/6/73 <br />