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Newport Beach Country Club <br />August 20, 2011 <br />Page 2 <br />2. Continue the hearing to November 3, 2011, for the adoption of the resolution. <br />Subsequent to the August 4, 2011 Planning Commission, staff met with both applicants <br />on several occasions to address the comments from the Planning Commission and to <br />resolve conflicting aspects of the applications. Each applicant has remained steadfast in <br />their respective architectural styles, size of the golf clubhouse, and design of the parking <br />lot. Because of these unresolved differences, a blended or unified site plan as it relates <br />to the golf clubhouse and parking lot is not available. The applicant has submitted plans <br />for an SDR application (Attachment PC1) as provided in the alternative draft PCDP <br />including a site comparison cross - sections as requested by the Planning Commission. <br />The applicant has modified the location of the porte - cochere to increase the separation <br />between it and the bungalows proposed by Golf Realty Fund and specific revisions to <br />the plans project are highlighted below. <br />Issues from the Prior Meeting <br />1. Entry Drive <br />Comment: The entry drive should be designed to unify the entire project and enhance <br />the design to look like the entrance to a high quality resort facility. <br />The entry drive has been enhanced with a landscaped median, sidewalks on both sides <br />and an additional landscaping between the sidewalks and the proposed access road. <br />The revised design presents a more upscale aesthetic appearance and includes large <br />trees. In addition, the entry has been widened to better align with Irvine Terrace on the <br />south side of East Coast Highway. Please see Sheets A -2C, A -2D, A -2E, L -1.1, L -1.2, <br />and L -2.1 of the submitted plans. <br />2. Porte - cochere <br />Comment: Redesign /relocate the porte - cochere to provide more separation to the <br />Tennis Club facility. <br />The porte - cochere has been redesigned and reoriented on a circular driveway, thereby <br />reducing the number of turning movements required of vehicles accessing the golf <br />clubhouse and parking lot. The distance to the Golf Realty Fund proposed bungalows <br />has been increased from 128 to 165 feet. By shifting the porte - cochere, the distance <br />from the corner of the bag drop -off of the clubhouse to the nearest adjacent proposed <br />development on the Tennis Club site (the bungalows) is now 95 feet. Please see Sheets <br />A -2C, A- 2C -PO, A -2D, A- 2D -PO, A -2E, A -3, A -7, and A -8 of the submitted plans. <br />