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Newport Beach Country Club <br />August 20, 2011 <br />Page 3 <br />3. Frontage Road Easement <br />Comment: The frontage road easement should be eliminated. <br />The applicant has submitted two (2) alternative plans showing the proposed <br />development both with and without the frontage road easement along East Coast <br />Highway. The applicant's preferred alternative is to eliminate the easement; however, <br />the applicant has no control over the existence of frontage road easement. <br />Golf Realty Fund, the land owner, has submitted documentation showing the <br />termination of the frontage road easement. Elliot Feuerstein, co -owner of the Golf Club <br />and Tennis Club sites and also land owner of the adjacent Armstrong Nursery property <br />(beneficiary of the easement) disputes the termination of the easement and supports <br />the frontage road easement remaining to serve the Armstrong Nursery property. <br />The ongoing dispute over the existence of the easement is a private matter. The <br />easement appears to be terminated; however, if the easement and driveway are <br />maintained, the applicant would provide only five (5) feet of landscaping to screen the <br />driveway to the Armstrong Nursery property. In this instance, the applicant proposes 10 <br />feet of landscaping along the north side of the easement to enhance screening of the <br />golf clubhouse parking lot. The combination of these two landscape areas should <br />adequately screen the driveway and parking lot. Please see Sheet A -2E of the <br />submitted plans. <br />4. Buffer the proposed parking lot from the Golf Realty bungalows and the design of <br />the parking lot <br />Comment: Provide landscaping to enhance the view from the proposed hotel units <br />(bungalows) located on the Tennis Club site; and orient the parking lot in the direction of <br />the guests' destination. <br />An open landscaped area of 165 feet wide will be provided between the porte - cochere <br />and the nearest adjacent proposed development on the Tennis Club site (the <br />bungalows). The elevation of the bungalows is approximately 10 feet higher than the <br />applicant's proposed golf clubhouse parking lot so the view to East Coast Highway will <br />be over the parking lot and parked vehicles. Also, under the preferred site plan without <br />the frontage easement, the landscape buffer between the street and parking lot is <br />increased to 20 feet from the back of the sidewalk to the parking area. The hedge and <br />six -foot high wrought -iron fence design has been replaced with a low landscaped berm <br />and wrought iron fence to reduce the site from being "walled -off'. Please see Sheets A- <br />2C, A -10, A -15, and L -1.1 of the submitted plans. These changes should provide <br />improved aesthetics, views and open spaces for the NBCC, future guests at the Golf <br />Realty proposed bungalows (if approved) and the public as they travel past the project <br />site. <br />