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Newport Beach Country Club - Golf Realty Fund <br />November 17, 2011 <br />Page 2 <br />improvements to the 12 -acre tennis club portion of the project site <br />reserving for future consideration the identification of improvements to the <br />133 -acre golf course portion of the project site; <br />e) Approval of Vesting Tentative Tract Map No. NT2005 -003 as proposed by <br />the applicant; and <br />f) Approval of Development Agreement No. DA2008 -001. <br />DISCUSSION <br />Environmental Review— Mitigated Negative Declaration <br />The draft Initial Study /Mitigated Negative Declaration, responses to comments received, <br />an Errata to the MND, and the Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program are <br />attached to the prior reports. The Commission requested clarifications as to whether <br />there would be potential significant impacts to land use compatibility and aesthetic <br />impacts of the two (2) projects as proposed by the applicant and NBCC, Inc. <br />The potential land use conflicts between the two (2) projects have been adequately <br />addressed through NBCC's redesign of the project, which includes increased physical <br />separation between the proposed structures as well as enhanced landscaping to <br />provide adequate screening. The architectural styles proposed for the applicants' golf <br />clubhouse ( "California Coastal" versus "Americana Prairie ") are distinctly different and a <br />matter of preference, and they do not constitute a significant land use conflict nor create <br />incompatibility between land uses under CEQA guidelines. No significant land use <br />conflicts or incompatibility is anticipated. <br />Response to Commission's comments have been revised and attached as Attachment <br />PC2. Staff believes that the environmental record is adequate, complies with the <br />California Environmental Quality Act and all potential impacts of the project can be <br />mitigated to a less than significant level. If the Commission concurs, staff recommends <br />that the Commission recommend that the City Council adopt the environmental <br />document. <br />Planned Community Development Plan (PCDP) — Adoption of Staff Alternative <br />The draft PCDP encompasses the entire 145 -acre golf club and tennis sites <br />(Attachment PC3). It provides use and development standards for the golf course, a <br />35,000 square -foot golf clubhouse including ancillary maintenance facilities, 27 hotel <br />rooms (Bungalows) including the ancillary spa and meeting rooms, five (5) single - family <br />homes (Villas), seven (7) tennis courts, and a 3,725 square -foot tennis clubhouse. The <br />draft PCDP does not set forth an architectural style for any development and it does not <br />fix the design of the parking lot for the golf course and clubhouse. The final architectural <br />