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Newport Beach Country Club - Golf Realty Fund <br />November 17, 2011 <br />Page 3 <br />design and the parking lot configuration would be a component of a Site Development <br />Review application. <br />Transfer of Development Intensity <br />During the October 20, 2011, hearing on the project, the owner of the Marriott Hotel <br />property, Host Hotels and Resorts, proposed a "use conversion solution" as an <br />alternative to the applicant's request for a transfer of development intensity. The <br />alternative approach was based upon the eliminated tennis courts' (17) development <br />intensity being converted to hotel rooms or building floor area. Although traffic is not an <br />issue, staff does not believe the conversion of tennis courts to building floor area is <br />consistent with the General Plan, as there is no available building floor area or hotel <br />room allocation in this General Plan Anomaly area. The attached memorandum <br />provides additional detailed analysis (Attachment PC4). <br />Site Development Review <br />The applicant has prepared two (2) comparison site plans (with and without a guard <br />house and perimeter fencing) to illustrate that the applicant's parking lot layout would <br />work with the larger clubhouse proposed by NBCC, Inc. (Attachment PC5). These <br />comparison site plans are not proposed or requested for approval by the applicant. Both <br />comparison plans provide for the larger NBCC, Inc. clubhouse and required parking. It <br />is not known whether the grades would work and additional information would be <br />necessary to potentially implement such a plan. These plans have been forwarded to <br />NBCC, Inc. and they have indicated that these plans would not work for them. <br />If the Commission wishes to consider NBCC's application for a proposed golf clubhouse <br />and parking lot at a subsequent public hearing, staff recommends that the Commission <br />approve the applicant's Site Development Review application as it relates to the tennis <br />club portion of the site. It would include the 27 hotel rooms (Bungalows) including the <br />ancillary spa and meeting rooms, five (5) single - family homes (Villas), seven (7) tennis <br />courts, and a 3,725 square -foot clubhouse. The golf course, including its ancillary <br />maintenance facilities, the golf clubhouse, including its associated parking lot, the entry <br />drive, and landscaping along Coast Highway would be reserved for future consideration. <br />Vesting Tentative Tract Map <br />The applicant's proposed vesting tentative tract map subdivides tennis club site portion of <br />the project site. It would create separate lots for the five (5) single - family homes, a lot for <br />the proposed hotel, a lot for the tennis club facility, several open space lots, and a lot <br />encompassing the proposed private street that would serve the hotel and homes. Findings <br />for approval of the map are provided in the draft resolution for Planning Commission to <br />consider. <br />