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Newport Beach Country Club — NBCC, Inc. <br />November 17, 2011 <br />Page 2 <br />DISCUSSION <br />Environmental Review — Mitigated Negative Declaration <br />The draft Initial Study /Mitigated Negative Declaration, responses to comments received <br />and the Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program are attached to the prior reports. <br />The public hearing process has not identified to date any additional information to <br />suggest that the environmental record is inadequate. If the Commission concurs, it is <br />staff's recommendation that the Commission recommend the City Council adopt the <br />environmental document. <br />Planned Community Development Plan (PCDP) - Amendment <br />The attached draft PCDP is identical to the draft PCDP recommended for adoption with <br />the Golf Realty Fund application, with one exception; it amends the 35,000 square -foot <br />maximum for the golf clubhouse to 56,000 square feet (Attachment PC2). In the event <br />that the Planning Commission proceeds with the subject application without a <br />recommendation on the preceeding Golf Realty Fund application, staff has prepared an <br />alternative draft PCDP that only encompasses the 133 -acre golf club site including the <br />applicant's proposed 56,000 square -foot clubhouse and golf course. The alternative <br />draft PCDP does not include any references to development of the tennis club site as <br />proposed by Golf Realty Fund. (Attachment PC3). Neither draft PCDP provides for a <br />particular architectural style for any development nor do they fix the design of the <br />parking lot for the golf course. The final design of the parking lot would be a component <br />of the Site Development Review application. <br />Site Development Review (SDR) <br />In response to the Commission's concern about screening the proposed wrought iron <br />fence along East Coast Highway, the plans have been modified to include a wider <br />landscape buffer. Specifically, the landscape berm has been relocated to be adjacent to <br />East Coast Highway, and graduates to 4 feet in height rather than 2 '/2 feet as originally <br />proposed. The buffer between East Coast Highway and the frontage road is now 18 feet <br />in width. The frontage road has been reduced to 15 feet in width and will be one -way, <br />limited to east -bound traffic only. The reduction in the width of the frontage road allows <br />for an additional landscape buffer of 10 feet between the frontage road and the parking <br />lot. Finally, the landscaped berm has been separated from the perimeter fence. The <br />berm will shield the frontage road from East Coast Highway, and the separation <br />between the berm and the perimeter fence will make the fencing less prominent as <br />viewed from East Coast Highway. The modifications are depicted in Attachment PC4. <br />Although this revision addresses the Commission's concerns of screening the fence, <br />views through the landscaping to the golf course may be desirable and this plan does <br />not eliminate the frontage road as desired by the Commission. <br />