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ORDINANCE NO. 2010-21 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, ADOPTING A <br />COMPREHENSIVE UPDATE OF TITLE 20 - PLANNING <br />AND ZONING OF THE NEWPORT BEACH MUNICIPAL <br />CODE <br />WHEREAS, The Newport Beach City Council adopted Resolution No. 2006-76 <br />on July 25, 2006, approving a comprehensive update to the Newport Beach General <br />Plan ("General Plan Update"). <br />WHEREAS, Pursuant to City Charter Section 423 and the Measure S Guidelines, <br />the General Plan Update was considered to be a "major amendment" due to the <br />resulting increases in density, intensity and traffic. Consistent with City Charter Section <br />423, the General Plan Update was placed on the ballot for the November 7, 2007, <br />General Election. The electorate approved the increases associated with the General <br />Plan Update. <br />WHEREAS, Chapter 13 of the General Plan contains the City's implementation <br />program to carry out the goals and policies of the General Plan. Implementation Program <br />2.1 calls for a review and amendment of the City's Zoning Code for consistency with the <br />General Plan. <br />WHEREAS, Section 10 of City Council Resolution No. 2006-76 directed the <br />Planning Department to begin the preparation of a revised zoning ordinances, subdivision <br />and other ordinances necessary to implement the General Plan. <br />WHEREAS, City Council Resolution No. 2006-106 established the General <br />Plan/Local Coastal Plan Implementation Committee that was charged with developing a <br />work program and revisions of the Zoning Code Update. <br />WHEREAS, The General Plan Local Coastal Plan Implementation Committee held <br />over 45 public meetings to discuss the zoning code update project. <br />WHEREAS, In coordination with the General Plan/Local Coastal Plan <br />Implementation Committee, City staff prepared a comprehensive update of the Zoning <br />Code, which includes new zoning districts, new use classifications, updated and revised <br />definitions, new and amended development standards, updated Zoning Maps, and <br />modified administrative procedures ('Zoning Code Update"). The Zoning Code Update <br />is a complete replacement of the City's current zoning regulations. The Zoning Code <br />Update reflect the land use designations and policies established by the Land Use <br />Element of the General Plan. <br />WHEREAS, in accordance with the Airport Environs Land Use Plan (AELUP), <br />the Zoning Code Update was reviewed by the Airport Land Use Commission and found <br />