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IN THE KATTER OF ACQUISITION AND ) 7 <br />IMPROVEMEENT DISTRICT NO. 2 OF THE ) RESOLUTION NO. k/ <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA. ) <br />RESOLUTION ORDERING ACQUISITIONS <br />WHEREAS, the City Council of the City of Newport <br />Beach, California, did on the lat day of December, 19300 adopt <br />its Resolution of Intention, being Resolution No. 644, in the <br />matter of Acquisition and Improvement District No. 2, which <br />said district is entirely within the‚ÄĘCity of Newport Beach, <br />wherein and whereby it.was determined that the public interest, <br />convenience and necessity required and that it was the intention <br />to order certain acquisitions set forth specifically in said <br />Resolution of Intention, all of which is more particularly <br />described in the said Resolution of Intention, said acquisitions <br />to be made under and in pursuance of the provisions of the <br />"Acquisition and Improvement Act of 1925 ", as amended, and <br />WHEREAS, this City Council has' in conclusion of <br />the hearing had 1931, and as a determination <br />of all questions arising thereat, by resolution duly adopted <br />and which it will enter upon its minutes, declared its findings <br />that the owners of more than one -half of the area of the prop- <br />erty included within the assessment district have not made <br />written objections going to the entirety of the things proposed <br />to be done, and also in the said resolution has determined the <br />extent and boundaries of the assessment district, and that all <br />of the aforesaid shall be as they are more fully set forth in <br />the said Resolution of Intention and in the maps and specifica- <br />tions referred to in said Resolution of Intention, to which <br />last mentioned resolution reference is hereby made for all <br />particulars, and <br />1 <br />