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RESOLUTIOII OF IN T iWTION NO. 6s¢ <br />• A RESOLUTIOII OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE ,CITY <br />OF I4EWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, DECLARI14G FITS <br />INTENTION TO OM)E'R THE I ?RO'VEMENT OF B�IY <br />AVENUE, 9TH STREET AND CILMAIN ALLEYS IS <br />TRACT NO. 894, AS PER MAP RECORDED IN BOOK <br />30, PAGE .11, RECORD3 OF ORANGE COUNTY ,;.CALIF- <br />ORNIA; DECLARING THE rTORK TO nE OF hoRE' THAN <br />LOCAL OR ORDINARY PUBLIC BENEFIT AND DES,ORIB- <br />ING THE DISTRICT TO BE BMIEFITTED BY SAIb <br />WORK AND TO PAY THE COSTS AND EXPE3ISES T <br />OF; AND D .T1�i1�iI MIG THAT BOLDS SHALL BE I SUED <br />TO REPRESI,;NT UNPAID ASSESSr,1ENTS FOR` THE CSTS <br />AND KvPENSi3S, AND FIXING A TInIE AND PLACE FOR <br />HEARING OBJECTIONS TO THE SAID WORK. <br />asaroo <br />The City Council a the City of Ne::port Be ^ch, California, <br />pursuant to the provisions of the "Improvement Act of 1911" <br />and amendments to the said act, does resolve as follows; <br />DESCRIPTION OF WORK. <br />SEC.1. That the public interest and convenience require, <br />and that it is the intention of the City Council of the City <br />of Newport Reach, California, to or er the folloring work to <br />be done, to -wit: That <br />BAY AVENUE <br />between the northerly prolongation of the easterly line of <br />8th Street and the easterly line of 9th Street be improved by <br />certain grading, by.the construction of certain cement concrete <br />curb, cement concrete sider;alk, cement concrete pavement, <br />£ied clay pipe sanitary sewer, vitriffied clay pipe house connectii <br />sewers, brick manhole, cement concrete flush tank, cast iron pipe <br />crater mains, gate valve, valve box and cover, fittings and appur- <br />tenances; That <br />9TH STREET <br />v between a line 10 feet southerly of and parallel to the northerly <br />line of Central Avenue and the northerly line and its northwesterly <br />prolongation thereof of Tract 994, recorded in Book 30, page 11 of <br />Mecellaneous Maps, records of Orange County, California. be improved <br />-1- <br />