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0 <br />Council on the 2nd day of TIarch, 1931, and on file in the office <br />of the City Clerk of said City, and all of the said plans, pro- <br />files and specifications heretofore approved by the City Council <br />of said city are incorporated herein and made a part hereof, and <br />reference is hereby made thereto for a more particular description <br />of the said cork. <br />Said City-Council has determined and declared that the <br />contemplated work or improvement hereinbefore mentioned, was, in <br />the opinion of the said City Council., of more than local or <br />ordinary public.,benefit, anti the said City Council has made the <br />expenses of the said work chargeable upon a district. For a <br />particular description of said assessment district, reference <br />is hereby made to said P.esolution of Intention No. 654. <br />Said City Council has determined and declared that <br />serial bonds bearing interest at the rate of seven (7A) per cent <br />per annum be issued to represent each assessment of Twenty -five <br />025.00) Dollars or more remaining unpaid for thirty (30) days <br />after the date of the warrant. Said serial bonds shall extend <br />over a period ending nine (9) years from the 2nd day of January <br />next succeeding the 15th day of the next November following their <br />date. Payments on the principal of unpaid assessments and <br />interest shall bo made by the property owners to the City <br />Treasurer, and the sane shall be disbursed by him, all as pro- <br />vided in the "Improvement Act of 191111 hereinafter referred to. <br />All of the work herein mentioned and for the issuance <br />of bonds shall be done and carried through in pursuance of an <br />Act of the Legislature of the State of California, designated <br />"Improvement Act of 1911 ", approved April 7, 1911, and all acts <br />amendatory thereto. <br />