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• (b). All that portion of that certain Right -of -way <br />for public street purposes for ingress and egress to the waters <br />of Newport Bay lying southeasterly of and adjacent to the lands <br />adjudged and decreed to belong to John C. Tuffree and Mabel C. <br />Tuffree in court decree case No. 23679 of the Superior Court of <br />the State of California, in and for Orange County, described as <br />follows, to -wit: <br />Beginning at the most easterly corner of Lot 7, Block B <br />of "Bayside" as shown upon a Map recorded in Book 3, page -38 of <br />Miscellaneous Maps, Records of Orange County, California; running <br />thence north 34032100" east along the northeasterly prolongation <br />of the northwesterly line of Washington Street, 38.43 feet to an <br />intersection with the mean high tide line.of the Pacific Ocean in <br />Newport Bay as described in said Court decree Casa No. 23679; <br />thence south 51020113" east along said mean high tide line, 2.01 <br />feet; thence south 34032100" west 38.43 feet to an intersection <br />with the southeasterly prolongation of the northeasterly line of <br />Lot 7 of said Block B; thence north 51022108" west along the last <br />mentioned southeasterly prolongation, 710feet to the point of <br />beginning. <br />All of which is more clearly shown on a certain Map <br />approved and adopted by the City Council of the City of Newport <br />Beach for said abandonment by Resolution No. 6Cr% , on the / s <br />day, of.�.h<-1931. <br />SEction 2. That the said City Council of the City of <br />Newport Beach dDes further declare that the lotp lands or premises <br />• affected by the closing up and abandonment of the hereinbefore des- <br />cribed street and benefited by said improvement are those certain <br />parcels of real property described asfollows, to -wit: <br />- 2 - <br />