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0 <br />of the City of Newport Beach, and more than ten (10) days <br />having expired after the expiration of'the time of the publica- <br />tion of said notice within which protests or objections to <br />• <br />the proposed work or <br />improvement might be made by <br />any person <br />interested objecting <br />to said work or improvement, <br />nr to the <br />extent of the district or lands to be affected or benefited by <br />said work or improvement and to be assessed to pay the costs <br />and expenses thereof; and <br />WHEREAS, at the next meeting of the City Council after <br />the expiration of said ten days after the expiration of the <br />time of the publication of said notice,.and no objection to said <br />work or improvement having been made or on file, why said proposed <br />improvement should not be carried out in accordance with said <br />Resolution of Intention, the City Council of the City of Newport <br />Beach having now acquired jurisdiction to order the proposed <br />improvement: <br />IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED AND ORDERED: That the public <br />interest and convenience requires the work hereinafter described <br />and the City Council of the City of Newport Beach hereby orders <br />thefollowing work to be done and improvement made in the City of <br />Newport Beach, as follows: <br />That the following portion of that certain street and <br />public right of way in said City be closed up and abandoned, which <br />street and public right of way to be abandoned are described as <br />follows, to -wit: <br />(a). All that portion of Washington Street as said <br />Washington Street is laid out and shown upon a Map of Bayside, re- <br />corded in Book 3, page 38 of Miscellaneous Maps records of Orange <br />County, California, described as follows, tc-wit: <br />• Beginning at the most southerly corner of Lot 6, Block <br />B, of said Bayside running thence north 34432100" East along the <br />southeasterly line of said Lat 6 and 7 of said Block B, 112.93 <br />-2- <br />