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342 <br />City Hall, Newport Beach, August 3 1931. `r <br />The City Council of the City of Newport Beach met in reg- <br />ular session at 7:30 o'clock P.M. on above date. The meeting was called <br />to order by Mayor Johnson. <br />The roll was called showing the full council present. <br />The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved as <br />reed. <br />On motion of Councilman Ellsworth seconded by Councilman Gar- RESOLUTION NO. 701 <br />field and carried, the regular order of business was suspended to take Ado ted 8/3/31 <br />up the opening of bids for bonds to obtain immediate possession in p <br />Acquisition and Improvement District No. 1 of the City of Newport Beach. Original Missing. <br />The Clerk notified the Council that this was the time and <br />place fixed pursuant to NOTICE INVITING BIDS for bonds to obtain imm- <br />ediate possession in the matter of Acquisition and Improvement Dis- <br />trict No. 1 of the City of Newport Beach, and reported that he had <br />received one bid, which bid was publicly opened, examined and de- <br />clared as follows: <br />G.W.Bond & Son, par value'thereof, without any accrued in- <br />terest added; WHEREUPON Councilman Claire introduced a RESOLUTION OF <br />AWARD NO. 701, and moved its adoption, which motion was seconded by <br />Councilman Garfield and upon call of the roll the Resolution was passed <br />by the following vote, to -wit: <br />AYES, Councilman Hilmer, Claire,Ellsworth, Garfleld,Johnson. <br />NOES, Councilmen None. <br />ABSENT, Councilmen None. <br />On motion of Councilman Claire seconded by Councilman G <br />field and carried, the regular order of business was resumed. <br />The reports of the heads of the departments were read, d on <br />ion of Councilman Claire seconded by Councilman Garfield and arried, <br />the sports were accepted and filed. <br />On motion of Councilman Claire seconded by Council Garfield <br />and c ied, the report of the license collector on the pe are com- <br />plained f by I. Weiner, was filed. • <br />e report of Building Inspector Nelson that t ere had been <br />very little done by A.J.Borden in regard to fixing up s place in <br />West Newport, was considered, and on motion of Counci an Claire <br />seconded by Co oilman Garfield and carried, the re rt was filed ' <br />and the Buildi Inspector was instructed to send Borden a notice <br />to abate the nuis ce as contained in Ordinance . 378. <br />A letter om Roy L. Mc Ilrath aski he City to pay him <br />$1800.00 for approxi tely 1 acre near the re rvoir site, or $5000.00 <br />for his portion of Lot 013 of approximately -1/2 acres was considered, <br />and on motion of Counci an Garfield secon d•by Councilman Claire <br />and carried, the City Att ey was instru ed to take steps to condemn <br />the 1 acre strip on which a ortion of a reservoir stands. <br />The communication om S.V.0 telyou, District Engineer of <br />the State Highway, intimating at t State might be willing to assume <br />$125,000 of the expense of the ad separation, leaving $75,000 for <br />the City and County, was consider , and J.P.Greeley verbally addressed <br />the Council in favor of going with it. After due consideration <br />on motion of Councilman Hilmer soon d by Councilman Garfield and oarr- <br />ied, the maker was referred the 8t et Committee. <br />City Engineer Patt son repor d in order to lay larger mains <br />in the Seashore Colony Tr to increase a water pressure would cost <br />about $850.00, and as wor of this kind is s3ally done under an Assess- <br />ment District, on motio of Councilman Ells th seconded by Councilman <br />Hilmer and carried, th Water Supt. was inetru ed to communicate the <br />information to the p ple in that district, if is would be satisfactory <br />to them the City wo d install new mains under an eseesment district <br />upon their reques to do so. <br />The cc ications were read and acted upo as follows: ' <br />A co cation with contracts from the Towns d Land Co. to <br />R.L.Patterson n regard to the new sower location, was esented and <br />on motion of Councilman Claire seconded by Councilman Gar eld and <br />carried, t matter was referred'to the sewer Committee, Ci Attorney <br />Thompson d City Engineer Patterson. <br />On motion of Councilman Claire seconded by Counoilm Hilmer <br />and c ied, the application of D.V.Curry for permission to con ruct <br />a pi in front of Lot 3, Block 240 Canal Section; was referred t the <br />Cit Engineer for the customary two.weeks. <br />The communication from G.C.Macleod,encloeing letter from <br />.G: Livingston asking the City to replace his mooring destroyed duri <br />he Tournament of Lights parade, was considered, and on motion of Counc - <br />man Claire seconded by Councilman Garfield and carried, the Harbor Master <br />