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FESOLUTION OF INTE11TION <br />i1O.. 70 <br />A RESOLUT TOIN OF THE CITY CODUC i i. OF THE CITY <br />OF P1NWORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, DECLARING ITS <br />WTa -ITIOW TO ODDER THE IUVROVELUNiT OF SEA- <br />'i ?OIZ DRIVE AIM CJIIRTi´┐ŻiN OThM S RET E S, AIM <br />='TAI11 PROFS TY 3'0 All QRDE_i OF PH- <br />l'ZD IATEDPOSSEilSION,, HAS BEEN GRAL T ED BY THE <br />SUPLRIOR COURT OF TIM ST9TE OF UALU1,211IA I11 <br />A D FOR THE COLWY OF ORANGE, DBCL&1 ING THE <br />WORK TO BE OF "O!:E TPA14 LOCAL OR ORDINARY <br />1 -UDLIC BENEFIT .i 2D DESC'i'IBING THE DISTRICT <br />TO BE BEREFITTIM BY SAID 7ORK AN.7 TO PAY THE <br />COSTS AHD EXPENSES TIXRLI "OF; AND DETERMINING <br />THAT B011DS SHALL BX .ISSUED TO REPI"ES ^NT UN- <br />PAID ASSE,SSUEPrS FOR THE COSTS A16 L=PPNSES, <br />AND FI; >IHG 2 TIME IW PLACE FOR - flEL:RING'.0B- <br />.JFv"TIOHS TO THE SAID 17O K. <br />* 4 4 * 0 M <br />.,I <br />Lam <br />The City Council of the City of 11ewport Beach, California <br />pursuant to the provisions of the "Improvement Act of 1911" and <br />amendments to -the said act, does resolve as follows: <br />DEMWIPTI011 OF 1 :6RK <br />SFCTION 1. That the public interest and convenience <br />require, and that it is the intention of the City Council of the <br />City of Newport Beach,. California., to order the following work <br />to be done, to -vit: That <br />UA8110f, DRIVE <br />between. the northwesterly line of Orange Street and the north- <br />easterly prolongation of the northwesterly line of Shock "N ", <br />Seashore Colany Tract as shorn upon a map recorded on page 25, <br />book 7 of miscellaneous maps records of Orange County, Califcunia, <br />be improved by certain grading, by the construction of certain <br />bitu-n?inous macadain wearing surface on disintegrated granite base; <br />AM That <br />W <br />UE.RTAI11 PROPEL:TY <br />oad os e <br />for which an order of immediate possess?on.,has been granted by <br />the Superior Court of the State of California in and for the <br />County of Orange, described as follows to --wit: <br />