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v� <br />s <br />I <br />R»BOMMIOB .No, -�7oS <br />A- RIMMIGN OF TRC CjTy.CGU'N0IL OF .s^FM: CITY <br />OF SwMT BEACH ItlilSdPCIM WRRIPIT V M, OR' <br />1"90V== TO BE DON2 uavxR. Tits. ni18OTItHt <br />OF THS L`ITYMOIRRER OF THE CITY CYO' YI8MMT <br />BISAtiit, ' <br />' Clay Council of the City €, yeq*rt`keaoh does <br />reeolvll�.�t fall4s+sR : <br />-NUMCASO the city Oounotl of the city or yevpoirt Beaehy <br />? B...aZI y of 1931s paea RleOZtit16Q1 HOB <br />4; ordering the improvement of Seashore Dirve an& <br />certain other, QUests, end certain property for which an order of <br />lmmsdiate possegaion and Use b-a been granted by''the SgpOriU <br />Cour$ of the State of California in and for the county of araw, ' <br />within , said City under the .InProvement Act of 1911" and laneffi«r <br />meats of said Act„ end <br />WIDMUSs, w1d Counall deeires that said 'pork be, dons under <br />the dlreot.ion. of ti►e, City >dngi r"of the City of )Ta*mv ; <br />kOyF EMUM' ,the Olt <br />y council of the' City of Newport <br />Beaah`,tMO resolves and directs that the aforesaid smirk shall be . <br />a'< ... <br />4008 niui M the direetich of the City R293near of-said City. of <br />HOWPOl't leech and thg materials +aged shall oomph with t he' eft - <br />fioations and to be to the satisfaction of the City R"In"Ts laor- <br />etea� of the <br />Superintendent. of Streets of mid 'City, of`l$64port Besot„ <br />3 b4rSbY Certify that the foregoing Resolution ryas dilly <br />and VOCUllwly introducedo Passed mid adopted by .tee, C1'ty Couno" <br />Of the City PC Newport Beach at a v /or i yam. og the caity <br />Cannall. hold 'on the;;y of 19311 by tbd fig <br />vote„ towulti <br />