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1 <br />I <br />35.1 <br />RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY 0� +WART <br />B %ING,THE RATE PER CENTUM AND LEVYI AR UPON ALL <br />OF THE ! PROPERTY WITHIN THE NEWPORT BEACH <br />WHICH I9 TA%AHL 'IN FOR IPAL PURPOSES. <br />The Resolution was re der eb, designated RESOLUTION NO. <br />707 and upon ball of the as passed a following vote, to —wit: <br />AYES, Co en Hilmer, Claire, El1Bw6 arfield, Johnson. <br />A , ounoilmen None. <br />BENT, Councilmen None. <br />This being the time and place fixed for opening bide for the <br />live bait concession on the Newport Pier, the Board in open session <br />publicly opened, examined and declared all sealed bids received for <br />eaid:ltoenee, and the Clerk reported that one bid had been received as <br />follows: <br />Geo. C..Hiner, $3,600.00 for the three tear term of license. <br />Councilman Hilmar then introduced a Resolution accepting the bid <br />and awarding the License to Geo. C. Hiner, being the highest and best <br />bid. The Resolution was read, considered, designated RESOLUTION NO. <br />708 and upon call of the roll was passed by the following vote,to —wit: <br />AYES, Councilmen Hilmer, Claire, Ellsworth, Garfield, Johnson. <br />NOES, Councilmen None. <br />ABSENT, Councilmen None. <br />A communication from R. S. Briggs offering to sell the City <br />a a reasonable price, the title books which he had made while City <br />Tre er and which contained information necessary to comply with t <br />new to law in regard to street improvement work. The aamo was <br />oonside d and on motion of Councilman Garfield eeoonded by Ceun man <br />Ellsworth d carried, the offer was accepted. <br />On otion of Councilman Claire seconded by Counoilm Hilmar <br />and.oarried, a demands which were in proper form and ai and <br />approved by th inanoe Committee, were allowed and warr a to be <br />drawn for same. <br />A hearing the matter of the City of Newpo Beach va A. J. <br />Borden, who was cite to appear and show oause why a old building in <br />West Newport should no be declared a nuisance, w taken up, and Joe. <br />R.-Mexquette, Jr., Atto for Mr. Borden, pre ant his case stating <br />on account of the depressi Mr. Borden had b n out.of work most of <br />the time, and if given a lit a more time h was quite sure he would <br />be able to get it in presents, shape so The matter was discussed <br />and on motion of Councilman Gar ld as nded by Councilman Hilmar and <br />carried, the hearing was continue January 4, 1932 at 7:30 <br />o'clock P. M., to enable Mr. Borden get the exterior of the building <br />in a satisfactory condition. <br />The matter of @ break the L a Beach City water line and <br />their request that the City o ewport Be furnish them with water <br />until they can repair the b ak, was consid ed, and on motion of <br />Councilman Garfield aeoon by Councilman C1 a and oarried,.the City <br />Attorney was instructed prepare an emergency ontract with the City <br />of Laguna Beach for w M, and have it ready for a next meeting. <br />There bei o further business on motion Councilman Claire <br />seconded by Ceunoi Garfield and carried, the meet adjourned to <br />7:30 o'olook P. . on Monday, September 14, 1931. <br />14, <br />City Clerk. <br />RESOLUTION NO. 708 <br />Adopted 9/7/31 <br />Original Missing. <br />