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Section 2. That the said City Council of the City of <br />• Newport Beach does further declare that the lots, lands or premises <br />affected by the closing up and abandonment of the hereinbefore des- <br />cribed street and benefited by said improvement are those certain <br />parcels of real property described as follows, to -wit: <br />Lots Twelve (12), Twenty (20), Twenty -six <br />(26), Twenty -seven (27) and Twenty -eight (29) of <br />Tract 756 as recorded in Book 4, Pages 7 and 9 of <br />Miscellaneous Maps, Records of Orange County,Calif ornia. <br />Section 3. That the proceedings for the closing up of <br />the aforesaid street shall be had and taken under and in accordance <br />with an Act of the Legislature of the State of California, designated <br />asl known as "An Act to Provide for Laying Out, Opening, Extending, <br />Widening, Straightening or Closing up in Whole or in Part of an y <br />Street Square, Lane, Alley, Court or Place within Municipalities, <br />to Condemn and Acquire any and all Land and Property Necessary or <br />Convenient for the Purpose ", approved March 6, 1599, and amendments <br />thereto. <br />Section 4. The Street Superintendent eh all cause to be <br />conspicuously posted along the line of said contemplated work <br />and improvement and at not more than 300 feet in distance apart, <br />but not less than three in all, notices of the passage of this <br />Resolution, in the form and manner as required by law; and he shall <br />also cause a notice similar in substance, for a period of four (4) <br />successive weeks, to be published in the Newport News, a weekly news- <br />paper, published, and circulated and of general circulation in the <br />City of Newport Beach, California, and hereby designated for that <br />Alk purpose by the City Council, containing a statement of the fact of the <br />passage of this resolution of intention, the date thereof, and briefly <br />describes the work or improvement proposed and referring to this <br />Resolution for further particulars. <br />Section 5. That any person interested, objecting to said <br />work or improvement, or to the extent of the district or lands to be <br />-2- <br />