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i <br />.1 T <br />RESOLUTION ITO. <br />A RUTSOLM1013 01' TMI CITY COU11CIL OF TI <br />CITY Oi, i7Z "'iOffi I33ACHI OA %, POrPMA, n- <br />• L!1TIM— TO TI3li ISSUAI10E Olp S7'Kt MT ri- <br />P"1Qi = i1 BOTP)S TURSUA21le TO R SOLUT roll <br />OF Ili4'+ :'1a'1Oif 0o. 621, D3 M!1II3Iai% T-IE <br />AVIODUT Ol' U111JAID ASSESe- MIIZT3, PR.SCiiI _ <br />IM THE ))PSI` IMIATIOIT OF SUCH BOUDS AF1i) <br />PRO'VIDII:C, TOR THEIR IS8UA1JCX4 <br />;..rhereas, purouant to statute, notice of filing <br />list of unpaid assessments was duly given in the manner and <br />ford required by Lau, that the narrant, assessment and dia- <br />gram recor-ed on the 10th day of August, 1931, for the nark arA <br />improvement made by 0. U. ulithCU upon "ghat certain contract <br />awarded to him on the 16th day of March, 1931, on .' Aver !.venue <br />and other streets, alleys and easements in said City, czxd that <br />said warrant, asseosuent and diagTLm ;;ere rcturned to the Super- <br />intendent of Streets, together with a Mitten statement of all <br />payments received upon the said assessment, end e.'ter the full <br />expiration of thirty (30) full days from the date of the said <br />warrant, the said Street Sik)crintendent duly made and filed ^ith <br />the City Cleric of the said City of Ueuport 3each a complete list <br />of all assessments unpaid upon the said assessmont, thich list <br />is nom on file in the office of the City Clerk of the said City, <br />non upon evidence shown this Council detegaines thsA the assess- <br />ments therein mentioned were then unpaid, the total a,;gregate <br />thereof being the sum of Sixty -seven ihoucand Yifty cnd 901100 <br />Dollars (G67,050.98). <br />` het assessments numbered 6, 26, 28, L5 ar_d 65, a_;;gree <br />gating the sum of `s'vo Hundred Thirty and 88 /100 ;)ollars (0230.88), <br />• and no others, have since been paid, anc that there nor remains <br />unpaid the Bum of Sixty -six Thousand Fight lluncixed find. Tventy and <br />10 /100 3)olhrs (066,820.10) upon the assessments sliovn upon the <br />said list other than those hereinbe::ore noted, as having been paid. <br />