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LIATC: ec <br />1/6/ 9 (12) <br />1 RESOLUTION NO. <br />• 2 A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br />OF N.IPORT BEACH APPROVING THE ACCEPTANCE OF <br />3 THE BID OF GEORGE P. CARVER AS N1121PORT TMMR <br />DEVELOPMENT BY THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS AND <br />4 THE PROPOSED LEASE AND THE PROPOSAL AND PLAN <br />SUBMITTED WITH THE BID FOR THE' DEVELOPMENT <br />5 OF THE COUNTY DOCK PROPERTY <br />6 <br />7 WHEREAS, the City of Newport Beach, by lease agreement <br />8 with the County of Orange dated March 5. 19581 and approved by <br />9 the voters of the City on April 8, 1958, leased certain tide and <br />10 submerged land to the County of Orange; and <br />11 tF;AS, said agreement provided that the County should <br />12 act as contracting agent and offer said land and certain adjoining <br />13 land owned by the County for lease as a single parcel; and <br />14 WHEREAS, the County, in accordance with said lease agree- <br />15 ment, has submitted to the City for review and recommendations the <br />16 bids received for the lease of the property and a statement in <br />17 writing that the Board of Supervisors proposes to accept the bid of <br />18 George P. Carver as Newport Tower Development; and <br />19 tMEREAS, the City Council has reviewed the bids, proposals <br />20 and plans submitted to the County pursuant to the call for bids and <br />21 the proposed lease and agrees with the decision of the Board of <br />22 Supervisors; <br />23 NMI THEE ORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council Of <br />24 the City of Newport Beach approves the acceptance of the bid of <br />251 George P, Carver as Newport Tower Development by the Board of <br />26 Supervisors of Orange County and approves the <br />proposed lease and <br />27 the proposal and plan submitted with said bid for the development <br />28I of the property. <br />29 <br />30 This resolution was adopted by the City Council of the <br />31 City of Newport Beach at a special meeting on the 7th day of <br />32 <br />