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• <br />• <br />t <br />(c) That the legislative body further determines <br />that the entire cost of said work less the sum of $3500.00 <br />is to be assessed upon the said districts and no amount or percentage <br />of the cost is to be paid toward the cost of the improvement from any <br />source other than the special assessments upon benefited property, <br />except as above. <br />(d) The statute under which it is proposed to conduct <br />proceedings is the "Improvement Act of 1911 ", being Division 7 <br />of the Streets and Highways Code of the State of California, with <br />improvement bonds to be issued as authorized under the provisions <br />of said Act. <br />SECTION 2. That LAURENCE J. THOMPSON, a competent person <br />heretofore employed by this Council for the purpose of preparing a <br />report, is hereby required to procure all necessary information <br />to prepare a report of the proposed improvement in the manner and <br />form provided for in Division 4 of said Streets and Highways Code; <br />that said report shall, as a part thereof, contain a copy of this <br />Resolution. <br />APPROVED AND ADOPTED this ZGiLk day of <br />- - V <br />ATTEST'; <br />CIT CL <br />MAYOR of the Ci <br />Newport Beach <br />of <br />959. <br />