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r <br />• <br />!-,RYC -m c <br />2/18/ 9 (12) <br />1 II RESOLUTIOAT N0. 5�9a y <br />2 !1 R' 1-- :OLUTIOAT <br />OF NZWPOi T B <br />3 <br />M3 PLACED ON <br />AND HIGH'. ^JAYS <br />4 <br />OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br /><ACH DIRECTING THIN :" I "E AND MARKS <br />TH;3 CURBS AND PAW KENT OF STREETS <br />`1'O Yt�SIGNAT a MARUD PARKING SPACES <br />s <br />5 Vq=A PAS, erection 3268.5 is being added to the Newport <br />6 Beach Municipal Code to authorize the City Council to direct that <br />7 lines or marks be placed on curbs or pavement of streets or high - <br />8 ways to designate marked parking spaces, and <br />9 MERRAS, traffic and parking conditions on Pacific Coast <br />10 Highway between Morning Canyon Road and Zahma Drive in the City of <br />11 Newport Beach are such that marked parking spaces would facilitate <br />12 the parking of vehicles and alleviate traffic congestion; and <br />13 IMEF 3AS, Section 589.5 of the Vehicle Code provides that <br />14 local authorities may by ordinance or resolution restrict the park - <br />15 ing of vehicles on a state highway if the ordinance or resolution <br />16 is first submitted to and approved in writing by the Department of <br />17 11 Public Uorks; <br />18 NOTES, TH. s :FORE, BE IT RESOLVED: <br />19 Section 1. It is directed that lines and marks be placed <br />20 on the pavement on that portion of Pacific Coast Highway in the <br />21 City of Newport Beach between Morning Canyon Road and Zahma Drive <br />22 to designate marked parking spaces as shown on City of Newport Beac <br />23 Drawing No. 108 -2701, dated 11 -6 -58, entitled "Marked Parking Space <br />24 Layout Coast Highway ". <br />25 Section 2. The provisions of this resolution shall be <br />26 effective only after written approval of the form of Section <br />27 3286.5 of the Newport Beach Municipal Code and this resolution by <br />28 the Department of Public Works of the State of California. <br />29 The regulation of traffic hereby established upon the <br />30 state highway shoran on said Drawing No. 108 -2701 shall cease to be <br />31 operative six (6) months after receipt by the City Council of <br />32 written notice of withdrawal of approval by the Department of <br />