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r- <br />T° S :mec <br />6 26/67 (12) <br />RESOLUTION NO. 6595 <br />211 A RESOLUTION CF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />N ORT BEACH A17ARDING A CONTRACT FOR THE . LAND - <br />3 SCAPING AND RE STROOM IN THE WEST NIEWPORT AREA <br />41 (CONTRACT NO. 1090) <br />51 WHEREAS, pursuant to the notice inviting bids for worts <br />6'!consisting of the landscaping and restroom in the West Newport <br />7 area in the City of Newport Beach, in accordance with the plans <br />8 and specifications heretofore adopted, bids were received on the <br />9121st day of ,dune, 1967, and publicly opened and declared; and <br />10 T,1HERLAS, it appears that the lowest responsible bidder <br />11 therefor is Roy C. Barnett; <br />12 NOW, THFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the bid of Roy C. <br />13 Barnett for Alternate A, excluding the construction of the rest-room <br />14 and appurtenances and reducing the amount of topsoil to be placed <br />15 by approximately 680 cubic yards, in the amount of $26,000 be <br />16 accepted and that the contract for the construction work be awarded <br />17 to said bidder. <br />181. BE IT FURT -MR RESOLVED that the Mayor and City Clerk <br />191are hereby authorized and directed to execute a contract in <br />20 accordance with the specifications, bid and this award on behalf <br />21 of the City of Newport Beach, and that the City Clerk be directed <br />22 to furnish an executed copy to the successful bidder. <br />23 ADOPTED this 96:Lb day of ,Tipp , 1967. �/� <br />24 <br />25,1 Mayor Pro Tern <br />26 ATTEST: <br />27 a.2 4jMQ <br />y Mr, <br />281 <br />29 <br />30 <br />31 <br />32 <br />