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TgiS "mec <br />716 67 (12) <br />_ I <br />11' RESOLUTION NO. 6608 <br />2 <br />A u OLUTION OF THZ CITY COUNCIL OF TIM, CITY OF <br />NM,TPG -XT BEACH AUTHORIZING THE, EZECUTION OF AN <br />3 <br />AGi ZZbXNT WITH .HE ORANGE COUNTY HARBOR DISTRICT <br />FOR THE PROVISION OF LIFEGUARD SERVICE BY THE- <br />41 <br />CITY FOR BEACHES IN UNINCORPORATED TW,1ITM. Y <br />5I <br />i <br />6 <br />m-IMWu S, many residents of the City utilize beaches <br />7 <br />located in unincorporated areas of the County adjacent to the City, <br />8 <br />and <br />9 <br />m=&S9 it is deemed necessary by the respective govern- <br />10 <br />ing bodies of the City of Newport Beach and the Orange County <br />11 <br />Harbor District that lifeguard service be furnished to County <br />12 <br />beaches adjacent to the City; and <br />13 <br />IPMEa-W55, such lifeguard services can be conveniently and <br />14 <br />economically provided by the City; and <br />15� <br />WHEREAS, the estimated cost of providing said services <br />16 <br />i $19,740 for the fiscal year 1967 °1968; and <br />17 <br />I <br />4�;;E AS, an agreement has been presented to the City <br />18 <br />i Council whereby the Orange County Harbor Distract agrees to reim- <br />19 <br />burse the City for the estimated cost of providing said lifeguard <br />20 <br />services; <br />21 <br />NOW, T; FORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council <br />22 <br />hereby approves said agreement and authorizes its execution by <br />23 <br />the Mayor and City Clerk on behalf of the City. <br />i <br />241 <br />ADOPTED this day of July, 1967. <br />251 <br />26 <br />Tdayor <br />27 <br />ATTEST: <br />28 <br />,.. <br />ty C eT <br />29 <br />30 <br />31 <br />32 <br />