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I1 <br />9 <br />3 %67�i(12) <br />1 RESOLUTION N0. 6613 <br />2 A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />NEU?PORT BEACH AUTHORIZING THE EXECUTION OF A <br />3 QUITCLAIM DEED OF A PORTION OF AN EASEMENT FOR <br />ITATER- PIPELINE PURPOSES <br />4 <br />i5 I-7HEREAS, the City of Newport Beach has certain perpetual <br />6 easements for water pipe line purposes which were granted to it by <br />7 an indenture from The Irvine Company dated December 18, 1957, <br />8 recorded in Book 4143, page 395, of Official Records of Orange <br />9 County, California; and <br />10 WHEREAS, the City is relocating a portion of such water <br />ll line and has received a Public Utility Easement therefor from The <br />12 Irvine Company, as a result of which the City has no present or <br />13 prospective use for the portion of the first mentioned easement <br />14 hereinafter described; and <br />15 I= S, there has been presented to the City Council a <br />16 Quitclaim Deed by which the City would quitclaim to The Irvine <br />17 Company the City's interest in the following described real property <br />18 in the City of Newport Beach, County of Orange, State of California: <br />19 That portion of Blocks 55, 93, and 94 of Irvinets <br />Subdivision as per map recorded in Book 1, page 88 <br />20 of Miscellaneous Record Naps in the office of the <br />21 <br />County Recorder of said County described as follows: <br />That portion of that certain perpetual easement <br />22 for water pipe line purposes, thirty (30) feet <br />in width as described in Parcel 1 in the-deed to <br />23 the City of Newport Beach recorded December 20, <br />1957 in Book 4143 page 395 of Official Records, <br />24 lying Southeasterly of the Southeasterly right of <br />way line of Jamboree Road, 100.00 feet wide, as <br />25 described in.the deed to the County of Orange re- <br />corded November 20, 1957 in Book 4110, page 10 of <br />26 Official Records and Southwesterly of the generally <br />Southwesterly line of.that certain easement for <br />27 public utility purposes, 80.00 feet wide, as <br />described in Parcel 2 in the deed to the City of <br />28 Newport Beach recorded March 3, 1966 in Book 7857, <br />page 568 of Official Records; <br />29 <br />30 and <br />31 WHEREAS, the City Council has determined that it would be <br />3z in the interest of the City to execute said Quitclaim Deed; <br />